Haul: Sephora, MAC, and LUSH!!


So this week was my birthday! Monday to be exact, and of course with most birthdays you get some extra money, or gift cards. Instead of putting all my money straight into my savings like I should, I spent a little bit! So here’s a quick little haul. And coming up soon I’ll have a pretty large drugstore haul! Here it is:

From Sephora I only got one thing and they were having triple points on your entire purchase provided that you also bought a fragrance. So what did I buy? A fragrance, Burberry’s ‘Brit’. Its top notes are italian lime, icy pear, green almond, white peony, sugared almonds, amber, mahogany, vanilla, and tonka bean. And as  bonus because it was my birthday, I got the little birthday gift with two bestselling Benefit products.

DSC_0145_mini DSC_0146_mini



From MAC I only got two things, Cork and Charcoal Brown eye shadows, which are satin and matte finishes respectively. And if you are interested in how I depot my shadows, I have a post coming up within the next week with step-by-step instructions.


Lastly, I went to LUSH, where I got the most products, some of it is for personal use and some of it is for upcoming gifts. I’ll start with the gifts; since mothers day is coming up at the end of the week I got Dorothy bubble bar and Secret Garden bath bomb. For another mother figure in my life, I got two of the Butterball bath bombs. For myself I got Flying Fox, and It’s Raining Men shower gels, Floating Island bath melt (love this stuff!), and Buffy body butter.

DSC_0158_mini DSC_0157_mini

Dorothy: ylang ylang, sweet figs and orange oil     Secret Garden: rose absolute and orange oil


Butterball: Vanilla

DSC_0152_mini DSC_0153_mini

Its Raining Men: honey, orange & bergamot oil    Flying Fox: jasmine, ylang ylang & palmarosa oil

DSC_0161_mini  DSC_0160_mini

Floating Island: vanilla, sandalwood & lemon    Buffy: cocoa butter, ground rice, almonds & beans
If you’d like a review of any of the products mentioned here, the ones that aren’t gifts, just comment down below! Until next time . . .




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