Empties: Products I’ve used up + which ones would I repurchase!

Hey everyone! Here’s a quick rundown of some of the products I’ve used up recently, enjoy!


–       Juicy Couture – Juicy Couture perfume – $90

I got this perfume quite a while ago and I was kind of glad to see it go. Not because the scent wasn’t good, but just because I’ve grown tired of it and maybe even grown out of it. It was nice and the scent definitely triggers some good memories, but I will probably not be buying this again.


–       Bumble and Bumble – Crème de Coco shampoo – $24

This was a huge impulse purchase for me, along with it’s long gone conditioner. I was looking through different sets of shampoos and conditioners, looking to try something new and stumbled across this in the clearance section for only $6 each! How could I not pick this up? It was ok, definitely will not be repurchasing for full price though. I felt like I had to use quite a lot of shampoo to get my hair feeling clean, and the scent was nice, I just have found better, and cheaper products than this one.


–       Aussie – Moist 3 minute miracle – $3.99

Super well known hair mask, both for the work it does and it’s very enticing price tag. I have to say I did like this, though is it the best deep repair mask I’ve tried? Not by a long shot, but for the price I will definitely be repurchasing! Another note, I use this more as a daily conditioner if I have it, it’s just not thick enough for me to be a true mask.


–       Victoria’s Secret – Pure Seduction body mist – $12

This was given to me as a gift with it’s matching lotion and body wash, and while those have been gone a long, long, time this still remained, usually just used for touch ups after gym class or in the middle of a long day. It was nice, probably my favorite scent from VS. Though I wouldn’t repurchase simply because I wouldn’t use a body mist anymore.


–       The Body Shop – Coconut Body Butter – $6 (i got the mini size)

Can we all just take a moment of silence to grieve that I this is gone from my collection? I absolutely adored this body butter. It was thick and rich, but still blended beautifully across my skin. The scent was subtle and lingered just enough not to interfere with my other products. The only downside? It’s a bit pricier than I tend to spend on lotions, simply because I don’t use them regularly (I know, I know). But knowing me, I’ll eventually break down and buy it again, most likely in many other scents.


–       Bath & Body Works – Fresh Lemon PocketBac – $1

I don’t have much to say about this, it did the job and smelled nice. But I do love the convenience of these little suckers, and I always seem to hoard too many of them in my room, my car, all my purses, and anywhere else I can possibly be. I love them, and will probably forever repurchase.


–       Bath & Body Works – Fresh Picked Apples foaming hand soap – $5.50

The scent of this was nice, but I’ve never been too fond of the foaming hand soaps, I prefer the plain liquid. But these have become a staple in my house so I’m sure I’ll repurchase, or my mom will!


–       Bath & Body Works – Cranberry Pear Bellini Wallflower – $6

This scent was very nice, sweet fresh, and a little tart. I got this mostly to match the candle version of this I got. So if I get the candle again, which I probably won’t, I’ll repurchase, however some other scents they carry I will always repurchase.


–       Bath &Body Works – Market Peach Candle – $22

Are you sensing a theme yet? This again was a nice fresh and sweet scent. Filled up my whole room with the scent, and I’ll probably pick one up next springtime.


–       Vichy – Norma Derm Night – $25

I really enjoyed this night cream, especially with my combination, acne prone skin!. My only issue was it wasn’t moisturizing enough to use on it’s own so for the first week or so I was using up way too much of this, then I started layering other moisturizers over the top and that was perfect. Though it doesn’t look like I’ll be repurchasing simply because all the CVS’s and Walgreens around me have stopped carrying this particular one and I don’t want to order it online.


–       Shiseido – Sample of the Perfect Smoothing Compact Foundation – $31 for full size

I really, really loved this foundation; the coverage was great, set my liquid foundations very well and kept shine at bay all day. There’s not much bad I could say about this product and I will definitely purchase this once I’ve used up my other powders!


–       Shiseido – Sample of Sheer Matifying Compact – $30 for full size

I didn’t like this one as much, I just found the finish didn’t work with my skin as well, or keep my skin any more matte than the above mentioned product. So unless I was looking for a sheer setting powder and had the extra money to burn, I would not purchase this.


–       CVS – Strengthening Polish Remover – $2-3

What can I say really? It’s nail polish remover, it did the job, didn’t dry out my cuticles terribly, though I wouldn’t put any stock behind the strengthening claim. I’ll probably repurchase this or some other equivalent. I mean a girl has to take off her polish somehow!


– Garnier Fructis Flexible Control Anti – Humidity Hairspray – $4

This was an ok hair spray, it held my hair in place even though I had brushed it out, or slept in my hair style, but if I used it too closely to my roots, my hair would be a super shiny, in a not so good way, in just a day or so. I’ve found products I like better than this one, but I would still happily use this.


Tresemme – Freshstart dry shampoo – $3-5

This was an ok dry shampoo, it was one of my first ones and it was interesting to get the feel of this kind of product. But if you have darker hair beware, because this will leave a white cast over your hair if you use too much. Also this really is only good for second day hair, anything past that, you’ll have to use too much product and your hair will just wind up feeling dirtier than it did before. I’ve found products since so I won’t be repurchasing this.


Suave – Dry Conditioner – $4

This was an interesting product, I thought it would work as a shine spray and for the most part it did. But if i used it anywhere near my ears or up my hair instantly looked dirty and greasy. Will not be repurchasing this!

Well thats it! I hope you all enjoyed it, if you have any questions, just leave them in the comments, until next time . . .




5 thoughts on “Empties: Products I’ve used up + which ones would I repurchase!

  1. wow!! You did an incredible job of finishing up a whole bunch of beauty products! I find doing ’empties’ posts help me to get through my collection before buying multiples of things I already have; its just good to know that i’m actually using what I have. Great post x


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