Project Bronze Part 1: MAC Bronzer

MAC Bronzer in Refined Golden



MAC is well known mostly for their variety of shades among all categories of cosmetics. I think this stands even for their bronzers, now they don’t have every shade for bronzer but they do have a considerable amount of choices in comparison to other brands. This bronzing powder is called “Refined Golden” which is as it implies a golden bronze with a bit of sheen to it. MAC describes it as “Finely spun golden with soft pearl” Now if you’re looking for the same kind of bronze but without the sheen, something completely matte they have one just called “Golden” which is quite popular. I actually went through one completely before buying this one.

This is quite pigmented on my medium skin, and I can easily contour with it, even though it has a sheen, I can also wear it during the summer on my more tanned skin, though it doesn’t contour as well then. I think this would be best suited for all over bronzing, think the 3B method, to bring some light and healthy glow to the skin. Though I can use it for contouring, some people may not like it for that. I think pale to medium skin tones would best benefit from this bronzer. Though for paler skin, apply with a light hand because this does have more of an ‘orangey’ undertone to it. Like I said tanned skin can use it but that can be iffy depending on how tan you get. It would be the best idea to go up a shade like Bronze or Matte Bronze.

I don’t experience any excess oiliness from this, but it also doesn’t keep my skin from producing more oil. I find it lasts all day on my skin but if I get particularly oily, it doesn’t hold up all that well. Probably 6-8 hours on average


This bronzer is packaged just as the majority of MAC products are. Very sleek, simple black compact with a small circular mirror on the inside. The writing on the front reading MAC Bronzing Powder is printed in bronze colored font instead of the white/silver on their normal packaging. No brush or sponge is included with this powder product.


This bronzing powder is priced at $24.00 for 10g or 0.34oz, which is very generous for the price you are paying and the quality of the product. Really a great buy if you are looking for a high end bronzer, without the jaw dropping price tag *cough* Guerlain *cough*.


I really enjoy this bronzer, however I do think there are better options out there, which I personally like better. However for the price and the amount of product you are getting I think this is really good, especially if you are just starting to venture out into the high-end side of makeup. You can buy it here!

And now for the swatches!


Front of compact


Close up of product, as you can see I really have enjoyed this bronzer if the amount of pan showing is any indication!

DSC_0193_miniHeavy swatch (top), blended (bottom)

Until next time . . .




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3 thoughts on “Project Bronze Part 1: MAC Bronzer

  1. Hello Darling,
    Gorgeousness Post!
    Adore the review, I’ll definitely be sure to check out this bronzer.
    Heart how in depth your reviews are!
    Love You,
    Natalie x 🙂


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