Project Bronze Part 1: Benefit Hoola Bronzer

Benefit Hoola Bronzer



Benefit’s Hoola bronzer is probably one of the best know bronzers in the makeup world and it’s for a good reason. It’s a perfect matte bronzer, that’s neither too grey toned to not be usable as an all over bronzer or too orange toned to be used as a contour. It’s just the best of both worlds.

It’s quite finely milled, and almost buttery, which makes this powder a dream to blend. And it’s amazing pigmentation means you use very little product to get the desired effect. I use this mostly for contouring with a small, dense brush, something like a MAC 109 would be ideal in my opinion, to get anything from model sculpted cheek bones are a subtle shadow to add definition and shape to the face.

I don’t use this so much for all over bronzing because for that I tend to prefer something with a subtle sheen. Though I have and I did enjoy the natural looking tan I got from it.


Benefit’s Box O’ Powders are all housed in cardboard boxes. With their current packaging the top flips up and inside is a small square mirror, and when it’s closed a small, almost undetectable magnet keeps the powder securely closed. Along with that there is a small clear plastic well that holds a small brush with a blunt squared off edge, the bristles are white and very soft and the handle is a light blue. This brush is actually quite good to get a sharp contour under your cheekbones.


Benefit in general is on the lower end for pricing of mid to high end makeup. The majority of their Box O’ Powders come with 0.28 oz for $28.


I really love this bronzer and I think it’s an amazing contour shade for light to deeply tanned skin, though on fair skin without a light hand it can turn muddy very quickly. I would definitely recommend this to anyone! You can buy it here!

And now for the swatches!


Front of box


Closeup of product


Blended swatch (left) and heavy swatch (right)

Until next time . . .




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