Project Bronze Part 1: NARS Laguna Bronzer

NARS Laguna Bronzer



Laguna by NARS is by far one of the best-known bronzers in the makeup world. Ask anyone in a cosmetic department or anyone working at Sephora their top 5 recommendations for bronzer and it’s almost guaranteed that it will be mentioned at some point. It’s described as a brown with golden shimmer. And that’s exactly what it is. Neither too orange or too grey I think this is an ultimate bronzer. The sheen this has adds dimension and glow wherever you apply it, but is yet still so subtle that it’s a great contour color.

The depth of this particular bronzer makes it great for a wide range of skin tones, I know very pale people who use this and love it and on my summer tanned skin, just about an NC 42 or 43 or NARS Barcelona, it still gives a lovely color pay off. But if this still isn’t exactly what you need it to be, NARS has a shade lighter and a darker bronzer to suit just about anyone’s needs.

The texture of this powder bronzer is very smooth and easy to blend out, not at all chalky or too dry. I find it’s best with a natural fiber brush instead of synthetic as well, the product just picks up and distributes much easier. But for the same reasoning, if you are pale it may be better to start out using this with some kind of synthetic fiber brush, something like a duo fiber stippling brush would be great!


The packaging I have for this bronzer is different then when you buy just the bronzer by it’s self. I have it in a palette with Orgasm blush, and Albatross highlighter. All of which is in a very strange palette with a canvas type texture overlay with a zipper that goes all the way around instead of snapping closed. In its normal packaging it is just about the same size as their powder foundation, but thinner, and has the very signature slightly rubberized packaging with the full size mirror in the lid.


As with most NARS products they are on the pricier side at $36 for 0.28 oz, which isn’t an awesome price but it’s a great bronzer with plenty of pigmentation so it’ll last you a long time. It’s definitely an investment, but I think it’s worth it if you’re looking for a good quality, possibly holy grail worthy product.


This is an awesome staple bronzer any makeup junkie should have in their collection, however if you’re just starting out or the idea of spending $36 for a bronzer makes your blood run cold, there are other options out there that I think can definitely do the same job, some may even argue a better job for a more appealing price tag. You can buy it here!

And now for the swatches!

DSC_0229_miniOuter packaging of palette


Overview of whole palette

DSC_0232_miniClose up of just bronzer


Blended swatch (left), heavy swatch (right)

Until next time . . .



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5 thoughts on “Project Bronze Part 1: NARS Laguna Bronzer

  1. It’s a little bit like the NARS version of the UD naked flushed palette! The camera case packaging is a little bit weird I think i prefer their sleek matte black packaging! But the idea looks really good, Laguna is definitely a worthy investment though I hear! X


    • A little bit! And I totally agree about the packaging but this was a cheaper alternative to buying all three products but still being able to try them all. And it really is a great investment!


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