Project Bronze: The Bronzers: Tarte Park Avenue Princess


Bronzer is usually used for two main things, contouring or all over bronzing. This bronzer really is fantastic for all over bronzing, it’s described as a ‘highly pearled light yellow gold’ which is spot on. This shimmery, almost frosted bronzer really gives a lot of glow to the skin.

This is a very finely milled powder with a soft, almost buttery feel on the skin. It blends well on the skin. I find that using a natural fiber brush gives the most glow to the skin, but if that glow is too much for you, using a synthetic fiber brush lets a lot of the larger shimmer particles to fall away, taking away some of that shimmer and glow.

The only real downside to this product is that it isn’t very multi purpose because it’s a bit difficult to use as a contour, you can though certainly, there are just better products out there to do so. Primarily because when you are contouring you want that bit of skin to fall back and there is almost too much shimmer in this to really allow that to happen. However even though it’s not fantastic for contouring it really is great for all over bronzing on light to medium-tanned skin, and on deeper toned skin it could possibly act as a fantastic highlighter, because it’s so glowy.


I have a deluxe sample size of this product, but the packaging is the same in the full size. Inside the compact the bronzer is in a round tin with a shimmery yellow-bronze plastic all around it. There is no mirror or brush included with this bronzer. The outside of this square compact is a reflective bronze, snake skin like texture.


This bronzer is moderately priced at $29 for 0.32 oz of product. Like I said earlier, I only have the sample size of this product and it’s really lasting me quite some time, so I think for the price of this bronzer it’s not overly priced, considering how long it will last you.


This is a great glowy bronzer for all over your face or anywhere else you need a bit of an extra boost. Unfortunaley though it’s not the best for contouring because it’s so glowy and shimmery.

Now for the pictures!


Outside view of packaging


Closeup of product


Blended swatch (left), and heavy swatch (right) Also sorry this is a bit blurry, I’ll replace it with a clearer image very soon

Until next time . . .




6 thoughts on “Project Bronze: The Bronzers: Tarte Park Avenue Princess

  1. Your thoughts are identical to mine on this tarte bronzer! Thats hilarious, its exactly what I tell other people as well- its works well to add some warmth to your face but gives you an odd contoured look because of the shimmer/shine.


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