June Birchbox!

Hey Everyone!

It seems like I always get my Birchboxes when I least expect it! I feel like everyone else in America, or at the very least the people on the East coast get their boxes around the tenth of the month, and guess who got her’s on the tenth? This lucky lady!I was so surprised when I opened up the mail box and found my oh so pretty bright pink box! This is by far the earliest I’ve ever gotten my box, way to go Birchbox!

Well anyways, for those of you who are reading this and wondering, what in the world is Birchbox? It’s very similar to all the other deluxe sample subscription boxes out there. Basically when you sign up you take a quiz that tells the company what kind of products would work with your skin or hair type and just things you are interested in. Then every month you get a semi-personalized box sent to your doorstep with 3-6 deluxe size samples, and if you’re lucky you may even get something full sized!

And as a bonus with Birchbox, they give you the chance to earn points which can contribute to any purchases you’d like to make on their site, so for instance if I wanted to review the perfume in my box, I’d get 10 points and for every 100 points it counts for 10 dollars off your next purchase, not counting actual monthly boxes. Every month has a theme and this months’ theme was Beauty Diary. Now onto my actual box!

Birchbox this month was a little bit different this month, and they decided to give their whole brand a bit of a revamp and I’m actually quite fond of it, I also really enjoy that now on their little informational card they tell you how to use the product!


The first thing I noticed was by far the largest, a shampoo by Davines its their Love Smoothing Shampoo which is best for dry or frizzy hair, which is perfect for me because I love moisturizing shampoos even though I don’t have dry hair

Value: $7.50


Th next thing I noticed was this SukiFace Exfoliating Foaming Cleanser and it has a very citrus scent. I love to try new exfoliators so this was great though the packaging could be better, the only good thing about this is that you are pretty much guaranteed to get all of the sample out.

Value: $2.06


Then right next to the cleanser was this cute little chubby lip pencil by LAQA&Co and it’s actual called their Lil Lip and I think this is in the the shade Pinkman from the description on Birchbox.

Valeu: $8


Then inside a mint envalope where the rest of the products. The first one being this mini Color Club nail polish in ‘London Calling’ an almost neon minty pastel green.

Value: $4


And lastly some foil packets, one of them is the conditioner to go with the shampoo and the other packet is the matching hair oil

Conditioner Value: $1.40

Oil Value: $0.50


Total Value of Box: $23.46

So there’s my box! Definitely better than last month, but certainly not amazing, though the shampoo and the nail polishes where worth it to me. Not sure if I’ll cancel or not yet but this certainly will make me hesitate. UNtil Next time . . .




2 thoughts on “June Birchbox!

  1. Hello Darling,
    Gorgeousness Post!
    This June’s Birchbox sounds like it offers a wide variety of goodies!
    Love You,
    Natalie x 🙂
    P.S: New Post


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