Review: Covergirl Flamed Out water-resistant mascara + photos!



This somewhat new mascara by Covergirl is being marketed as a mascara that ‘ignites’ volume into every single lash. Covergirl claims that this mascara will give “Maximum volume instantly, bold winged-out lash look, unique wire brush to curve lashes up and out”. I got the water resistant formula because there was no full on waterproof formula, which I think is weird considering this launched right before summer.

This brush has a little untraditional, but becoming more popular, looking brush. Like a double helix brush, which is supposed to make it easier to get the inner and outer lashes. The bristles on this brush are natural which I really like, because I prefer them to synthetic bristles. The formula is a little bit too wet for my tastes and quite a heavy formula in comparison to other mascaras.

I find that if I don’t curl my lashes before hand this really drags down my lashes, and I’ve never had this problem before, even with non waterproof formulas. I also find that as the mascara dries out more and more that the formula is getting heavier and heavier as the liquid is evaporating and the formula is getting denser. This gives me ok volume, thought nothing outrageous. Very natural actually, but still, just not as up to par with other natural mascaras I’ve tried over the years. This really can start to clump up after two coats, which is disappointing.

I just wasn’t all that wowed by this, but that may just be because I prefer drier, lighter mascara formulas. One good thing about this though was it didn’t flake throughout the day and it was pretty easy to remove at night because it was only water resistan and not water proof, however this was a huge con for me because pretty much only water proof mascaras last any considerable amount of time of my lashes because my eye area is so oily. But if you don’t have that problem, want the lasting power of waterproof, but hate taking it off at night then this really is for you!


This is much shorter than any other full size mascaras I have and quite thicker around. It’s red colored with purple flames as details and is a straight up and down cylinder. The wand like I mentioned is a bit different with the wand being wider on the ends and tapering in the middle.


Quite reasonable for a drugstore mascara, but to me overpriced because of how underwhelming it was, this mascara runs in at about $7.50 depending on where you are for 0.37 oz of product.


I think this would be a great mascara for people who prefer wetter, heavier mascaras and who have naturally very curled lashes. This didn’t work out the best for me so I wouldn’t repurchase, but I’ll still use it all up and make this work for me the best I can.

And now for some pictures!


Covergirl Flamed Out Mascara


Close up of the brush

*I tried to get a picture of it on my lashes, but I just can’t seem to get a good picture, if I do get one I’ll insert it here*

Until next time . . .




6 thoughts on “Review: Covergirl Flamed Out water-resistant mascara + photos!

  1. Hello Darling,
    Gorgeousness Post!
    Adore the review, so detailed and descriptive.
    As a mascara lover myself, I think I’ll stray away from this one.
    Love You,
    Natalie x 🙂


  2. CG has had a solid string of knocking products out of the park (3 in 1 foundation, clump crusher etc) but it seems as if their most recent collection including this mascara, their eyeshadow pencils and pot eye shadows are pretty underwhelming. Gah! But you’re right- someone with curly lashes (or in the case of the pencil, someone who prefers a sheer wash) would fancy this collection. Great review as always 🙂 x


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