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Make it Stay – 5 Tips for Longer Lasting Makeup


Now that the weather is starting to warm up, many of us are spending a lot more time outside, and with the warmer weather the same old things that kept your foundation on during the colder months just isn’t holding up any more. So here are some of my tips to make your makeup outlast the summer heat!

1. Use a Primer (everywhere!)

Using a primer of any kind will make your foundation, or eye makeup last longer, and apply more evenly across the skin. What primer does, is it creates a barrier between your skin and your makeup, smoothes out your skin texture, and most importantly gives your products something to adhere to. This step is especially important for eye makeup. I like to use NARS eye base, but the most popular seems to be UD Primer potion, though I’ve heard good things about the NYX eye primer as a more budget friendly option. And probably the best face primer I have ever used is Philosphy The Present, which is actually quite inexpensive per ounce considering most drugstore options are only 0.5 ounces, but I love this not for the great smoothing effect if gives the skin but how much longer my foundation lasts with this, it is like super glue for your foundation!


2. Choose a mattifying or long lasting formula foundation

This one may seem obvious, but you’d be surprised how many of us are wanting that dewy, golden look for summer, and go straight for dewy, moisturizing foundations to give just that. But like I said out face is already producing more moisture in the summer, so even if the idea of matte scares you a little, as the day goes on and your skin beings to sweat little it’ll settle your matte foundation into something much more natural looking (check out my glowy foundation tips here). Also with long lasting formulas, it’s already formulated to withstand your day-to-day activities that may wear away a normal foundation, so a little extra oil and sweat won’t be a problem for these foundations. For me this means either Makeup Forever’s Mat Velvet +  foundation or Revlon colorstay.


3. Use powder products whenever possible

So many times whenever I see foundation routines for the summer time, I see so many girls putting on gobs of crème blushes, liquid highlighters and anything else that has a tendency to slip and slide. Which just baffles me! Many times they say it sinks into your skin, and how powder blush can look cakey as the day progresses. I usually find it’s the opposite. When it’s summer time generally speaking your face is producing more oil, more sweat, so then why would you want to add more moisturizing products to your face? I find that powder products can absorb some of the extra moisture your skin is producing, while crème products being to slip and fade away. Now I will say only using a powder foundation can look cakey so I can see where people may think that powder blush could have the same effect. For this I love any NARS blush or any of the Tarte 12-hour blushes.


4. Set everything!

After everything is all said and done, make sure you set your entire face. For foundation I like to use a mattifying powder, which will help keep oil and sweat (the culprits of makeup meltdown) at bay longer. Then to make sure my blush doesn’t fade away, or that my mascara smears (more than usual) I use some kind of setting spray (NYX makes a mattifying one, great budget friendly option!). For this I like to use either my All Nighter or De-Slick setting sprays from Urban Decay.


5. Blotting papers!

Something everyone says we should do, but something I feel like so many of us neglect to do! I keep some at my vanity to blot before I apply any powder and in my purse so on the go, if I’m feeling a bit shiny I can blot away the oil without adding any more product (no one wants a cakey face in the middle of the summer). I like the Boscia blotting linens, but those are a bit harder to find, but there are so many great options at the drugstore for just a couple of dollars.


I hope some of these tips were helpful, or are something you can add to your routine! Until next time . . .




3 thoughts on “Make it Stay – 5 Tips for Longer Lasting Makeup

  1. Great ideas! I, too, am baffled at those that layer on the creme products, only to find it slipping down their face throughout the day!
    I’ve been meaning to try Tarte’s blushes, but can’t settle on a colour! I’m leaning towards Exposed or Tipsy. Are they as long wearing as they say?

    Rosie xx


    • Rosie,
      Thanks dear!
      The one I have pictured above is Exposed, if you’d like me to do more of an in depth review on my experience with them I’d be more than happy to! For me they aren’t exactly 12 hours but they are longer lasting than many blushes out there. I think if you’re truly looking for some outstanding lasting power I would look into The Balm blush stains they recently released, unfortunately I haven’t tried them yet but they seem very promising!


      • Not a problem 🙂 I thought so, that colour does look amazing! If you did do one I’d be keen to read it 🙂 It’s a pretty big commitment for me too because I’ll have to order them online without having seen/swatched them in real life, so I’m still not sure whether to take the plunge or play it safe…sounds like a matter of life or death haha I’m so dramatic!
        Ooh, I’m yet to try theBalm but have also heard great things! 🙂


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