Review: NARS Gina Blush + Swatches!



I’m sure you’re all tired of hearing me rave about NARS blushes but I just can’t stop! They are my absolute favorite blushes hands down, and this one is no different. Gina is described on NARS website as a ‘true tangerine’ which is quite accurate, though it has a touch of peach in it that keeps it from being too orange. This is also a pure matter color, absolutely no shimmer or sheen is present in this blush. And as true to NARS quality this isn’t the least bit chalky or under pigmented.

On my combination skin this blush lasts quite well at about 8 hours, it’s not as long lasting as some of their other blushes but that may just be because this is a lighter color. With that being said I’m not sure how well this would turn out on deeply tanned to deep skin tones, and with paler skin tones you will probably want to be a little careful just because this is so orange toned.


As with all NARS products this blush is housed in a slim rectangular compact with a mirror as large as the lid. And of course the slightly matte/rubberized finish of the compact is bound to attract fingerprints and remnants of makeup. A quick wipe down with either a makeup remover wipe or just a wet cloth the packaging can be restored to its original appearance.


Nars blushes are a bit on the higher end of things for pricing so this is $29 for 0.16 oz of product.


I really enjoy this blush not only for the unique color but also for the amazing quality, this is a great summer blush when your skin takes on a bit of that summer glow and I would definitely repurchase this if it broke or, god forbid, I lost it.

Now for some swatches!


Overall packaging


Close up of product


Heavy swatch (top), blended swatch (bottom)

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5 thoughts on “Review: NARS Gina Blush + Swatches!

    • I’ve never tried Madly (though it is on my wish list!) so I couldn’t say for sure, I feel like Madly is more closely related to Doucuer but with shimmer, from what I can tell from swatching them in the store. But like I said I don’t own it, so you’re probably spot on! And thank you! I find this kind of color really goes well with my olive completion.


  1. So probably because of you I’m going to have to go to Sephora to swatch some Nars blushes. No, not really just because of you, but these posts are really informative and the pretty pictures made me want to try one (or more). 😉


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