Review: NARS Gilda Blush + Swatches!



NARS describes this blush as a ‘perfect coral with a hint of red’ again this is quite an accurate description. Unfortunately this particular shade isn’t available on Sehpora so they have no description listed. This is a pure matte blush, with no shimmer or sheen evident in either the swatch or in the pan. And as I’m delving more and more into NARS blushes I’m loving matte blushes more and more. I used to believe they would come out chalky and lackluster on the skin, but it’s quite the opposite. At least with NARS blushes they are so finely milled and so packed with pigment it’s hard to call the blush chalky because it actually quite soft and, dare I say, buttery.

The color of this is often described as the sister blush to Gina (review for this blush here), which I can see why because in the pan they can look very similar, especially of you’re not a makeup junkie, where you can have 20 different shades of brown eye shadow, but yet they are all unique to you. Funny story about this blush, when I got this I ordered this blush along with Gina and when I was opening my package my dad looked over my shoulder and was like ‘why did you get two of the same blushes?’ so there you go.

I find this blush to be quite long lasting on the skin between 8-10 hours depending on you skin type and what kind of foundation you are wearing.


As with all NARS products this blush is housed in a slim black rectangular compact with a mirror the size of the lid. The outer finish of this compact is very signature to NARS with a soft rubberized/matte finish that while sleek and chic when new slowly gathers traces of makeup and fingerprints. But with a quick wipe down with either a makeup remover wipe or a damp cloth you can restore it to almost new looking.


Nars can be a bit pricey depending on your budget, but I love these so much I don’t really mind paying the $29 for 0.16 oz of product. Especially since this isn’t my only blush there is a very good chance I will never use this up completely.


I really enjoy this blush and I would definitely recommend this to anyone considering it. My only gripe with this is that bit of red in this blush, because if you have any redness in your face naturally, thankfully I do not, and you aren’t covering it completely with foundation this can add to that in an unpleasant way.

Now for the swatches!


Overal compact


Close up of the product


Heavy swatch (top), blended swatch (bottom)

Until next time . . .




5 thoughts on “Review: NARS Gilda Blush + Swatches!

  1. Hello Darling,
    Gorgeousness Post!
    Adore how detailed your reviews are.
    I never usually opt for a blush of this shade but this one seems like a must-try.
    Love You,
    Natalie x 🙂
    P.S: New Post


  2. Veronica – Hi. Nice swatches! Good idea to show the two intensities of product. I always liked the Nars orgasm color of blush – a great color that works well on many. Carry on! – Jen


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