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Project Bronze: Bronzer Comparison

So if you’ve been following my blog for a while you may have noticed the spattering of summer themed posts I titled ‘Project Bronze’ where I showcased many of the products and regimes people use in the warmer months to achieve a tan or that summer glow. Most of those posts were reviews of bronzers. But I know looking at post after post doesn’t really give you much of an idea of the subtle – to not so subtle – differences between all these bronzers. So this is just a simple comparison, no reviews, of all of the bronzers I showcased in my Project Bronze sequence. Here are the swatches! (Click on the picture to view full detail!)



From left to right : MAC Refined Golden, Benefit Hoola, NARS Laguna, NYC Sunny, and Tarte Park Avenue Princess

If any of these swatches interest you here are individual links to each of these reviews that I’ve posted

MAC Refined Golden

Benefit Hoola

NARS Laguna

NYC Sunny

Tarte Park Avenue Princess

Ok so that is it for this post! I know this wasn’t very informative or interesting, but I do hope it was useful to those of you hemming and hawing between various bronzers. This way all these bronzers are all in the same light, on the same skin tone, and are all side by side. I know how hard it can be to go by swatches online because while a blush or bronzer may look some way on one bloggers’ site it could be the same product but look completely different on anther persons blog. If you have any questions or comments please don’t hesitate to leave them down below. Also if you use bronzer, what is your favorite? I’m always up to try out new products!

Until next time . . .




4 thoughts on “Project Bronze: Bronzer Comparison

  1. I really like the Jane Iredale So Bronze bronzers, especially the second one (there are three variations). It’s not orange at all and is free of all the harsh chemicals commonly found in makeup: both big benefits in my book.
    Thanks for your post. It was great to see them all side by side like that.


    • I feel like Jane Iredale is the underdog of high end makeup, you never really hear a whole lot about them, but ti seems some of their products have their secret cult followings! I’ll definitely check that out the next time I’m by a JI counter, thanks for the recommendation!


  2. I love hoola because it doesn’t pull too orange or red on me so its a really nice contouring powder. I’ve seen people contour with Laguna and it looks amazing but I would have never thought to since it has a slight golden glow to it. Do you contour with these powders as well?


    • I love hoola for the same reason! And actually yes I do with Laguna, because the sheen isn’t that obvious once buffed into the skin, it just doesn’t look flat, but it doesn’t look like it has a sheen. Though it is better as an all over bronzer. I can contour with NYC sunny but it’s a bit warm, so I only use it if thats all I have, same thing with the MAC bronzer, and as for the Tarte, it’s about near impossible to contour with that because it’s not just shimmery, it’s frosted, so theres just too much light reflecting to create any kind of shadow.


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