Review: Simple Revitalizing Eye Roll-on



A while back, when I was still subscribed to Birchbox, this lovely full size item came in one of my boxes and someone commented asking me if I could a do a review, and now months later I’ve been able to really test it and make my own opionion on it, so here you go!


This serum claims to brighten tired eyes and reduce under eye puffiness. It’s a very thin, clear serum meant only for the under eye only and for use in the mornings. I find it’s very cooling and refreshing in the morning, and great for any under eye puffiness I may have, usually I don’t but if I do this is a great thing to banish them away. However for darkness under the eye it’s not that great. I don’t find that it brightens very much either over time or immediately.

It doesn’t effect makeup application over the top, which is very nice considering this is meant for mornings. Also, random tip, for an extra cooling effect keep this in your refrigerator.


Very simple packaging for this, it looks like a squeeze lip gloss tube, but instead of a slanted tip it’s a metal roller ball, which aids in depuffing and in the cooling effect.


This is a drugstore item so it’s very inexpensive being anywhere from 8.99 – 12.99 for 0.5oz depending on where you buy (I’ve seen it most expensive at Ulta)


If you’re getting this for depuffing our under eye area then this is great, but if you want this to visibly brighten, keep on looking.

And now for some pictures!


DSC_0214_mini DSC_0213_mini DSC_0215_mini


And there you go! A very quick and to the point review, sorry it was so short but there wasn’t a whole lot to say about this product. If I didn’t cover some things then please feel free to ask me some questions down below! Until next time . . .




2 thoughts on “Review: Simple Revitalizing Eye Roll-on

  1. Hello Darling,
    Gorgeousness Post!
    I’m surprised this product is so disappointing since with other skincare products by Simple they’ve give pleasant result for myself.
    Love You,
    Natalie x 🙂
    P.S: New Post


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