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Hot or Not: Maybelline Fit Me Shine Free Foundation in 240


Hello Lovelies,

Since this is my first Hot or Not post, I’m not sure about the exact structure of how these posts will go, but as a general rule these posts will be reserved for new up and coming products, and whether or not it stands up to it’s claims.


I’ve always wanted to try a stick foundation for the ease and cleanliness they offer. So when I saw a drugstore option I jumped at the chance to try out something like this. By the way do you guys ever do that? Want to try a certain kind of product, but don’t want to make the monitory commitment of a high end product, so you buy the drugstore equivalent just to see if you’ll even like that kind of product?

Anyways, it was a lucky chance that this formula is described as shine free, which for my combination skin in the summer is perfect.


I’ll start off with the application of this, because this what was the hardest thing to adjust to. It’s like rubbing a stick all over your face. And being as I’m so attuned to using a liquid, this was really strange. Also this has a very unique texture, probably due to the ‘shine free’ core, surrounded by the actual foundation. To me this really just felt like someone had taken Smashbox’s photo finish primer and made it solid. It has that oddly dry, but slippery texture that makes this foundation glide on, but never really feels set. While the foundation around the core is a light creamy texture, similar to a cream foundation, but lighter.

The way that I apply this is maybe not the correct way, but it’s how I’ve found works best for me. I work in sections around my face, using downward stripes to cover almost the entire area before working it in with my angled kabuki brush from Sigma.

Coverage and Wear

As for the coverage, it was a solid medium coverage, but not very buildable. The main reason why this was so appealing to me was because throughout the day I could just rub this onto the areas that tend to lose foundation the quickest for a boost. But it doesn’t really build on itself very well, there’s just too much slip and slide from the ‘shine free’ core for the second layer of foundation to stick to anything.

As for the wear, it’s not long wearing, but it did keep some of my shine away which is one of the reasons my foundation will wear away.


Now for the main claim this foundation was making was it’s shine free abilities. This was probably the most disappointing aspect of this foundation. Not only is this not shine free, it’s quite luminescent. It doesn’t feel shiny or oily, it does feel matte, it just doesn’t look very matte. Also it’s not all that long wearing either, about 8 hours of good wear, with minimal breakdown where I get oily. And after 10 hours it’s just not a good look: blush has worn away, oil is coming through, and no amount of blotting paper or matte powder can hide the shine.


So was this a break through product? No. Was it absolutely horrible? No. It’s just a meh product, neither amazing nor awful.  I won’t be going out and purchasing this in all my other shades, but I will use it up. I think this would be best for normal – combination skinned people, it’s just not enough oil control, I would think, for those with oily skin. ALso this does cling to dry patches so probably not great for those with dry skin. Overall ok foundation, nothing special but also not horrible.

DSC_0259 DSC_0260

So I hope you guys enjoyed this new kind of post, let me know if there’s any other new product out there you’d like me to try, high end or drugstore, or how you liked or disliked this post. Until next time . . .




12 thoughts on “Hot or Not: Maybelline Fit Me Shine Free Foundation in 240

    • No I haven’t! I have really acne prone skin and some of my friends tried and it broke them out horribly, plus I hear it’s pretty luminescent ( not that great for my combination skin) and not that much coverage. But I also know some people who absolutely love it!


      • Well if it’s something you want to try then go for it! You can always return it if it doesn’t work out for you, don’t let my opinion be the deciding factor on whether or not you give it a try. Unless you live in a country where you can’t return things that is.


  1. Hello Darling,
    Gorgeousness Post!
    Adore the new segment, ever so useful!
    Sounds like I’ll be giving this foundation a miss but it was good to learn about the product.
    Natalie x 🙂
    P,S: New Post!


  2. This was super helpful. I think I’ll pass on this. I was looking forward to trying it. I really want a stick foundation in my collection for convenience sake. I just bought the Covergirl + Olay concealer balm thing and have been using it to conceal imperfections and then just put light powder foundation over it. That seems to work pretty well for me. It comes in lipstick form and it’s super creamy. I haven’t tested it enough to say I’m in love, but I do like it. It’s pretty cheap and might be worth a try!

    -Tara Joy


    • Tara,
      I’ve heard a lot of good things about that! Right now I’m using the same one, but in the pot form for under the eyes. I would say if you really want to try out the foundation still try it, it’s not that expensive and you can always return it, it just didn’t work that well for me.


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