Review: Benefit boxed powder in CORALista + Swatches!


Hello Lovelies!

Fun fact about this product, at least for me, is that this was my first real blush! My friend Michelle got this for me when we were in either our freshman or sophomore year! I had always been afraid of blush because when I first began wearing makeup I had had a makeup artist tell me that because I already had some redness in my face, which beforehand I wasn’t even aware of, I didn’t need it, and I shouldn’t add to it, and that I should just use bronzer. And now look at me! A self proclaimed NARS blush junkie, who would’ve thought?


This glowing coral blush is described as a ‘coral pink sheen’ which is a perfectly spot on description. It’s a coral with just enough pink in it to make it a very flattering color on people with varying undertones. It also is very glowy, or as they describe it, a sheen. No obvious shimmer or glitter, but it just reflect the light beautifully on the skin. I don’t feel the need for a highlighter whenever I wear this, because it’s enough glow all on its own.

It’s not the most pigmented blush, but it isn’t really marketed that way either. It’s a subtle flush of color, very natural. No one will look at your cheeks and think ‘they are wearing a beautiful coral blush’ they’ll think ‘they’re skin is very glowy’.

It’s not super long wearing, roughly 6 hours of really good wear, and evident fading at 8 hours. This is probably because it’s not very pigmented. Also strangley enough it’s scented! It’s a very light scent that’s kind of floral, kind of sweet, I really couldn’t pinpoint any notes, but it doesn’t matter because as soon as your apply it you don’t notice the scent anymore.


Benefit by far has the best packaging of any makeup brand if you want something eye catching and fun. The lid is a fun mix of metallic pink and green rainforest background with the name in a fun pink cheetah print. I have the old packaging of they’re boxed powders so the lid isn’t attached, it just fits loosely over the bottom portion which holds the powder. It’s all a sturdy cardboard which is awesome if you drop it because it absorbs a lot of the impact. Also there is a ½ inch lip all around the blush so you can swirl your brush around and not worry about any fallout picking up and scattering itself all over your vanity or bathroom counter. And if you are traveling they include a brush with a flat edge, it isn’t great but it is by far the best ‘brush included’ brush I’ve ever used.


Because mine is the old packaging, it’s a much better value at 12.0g or 0.42 oz for $28, now this blush is 0.28 oz for $28. Not stellar but for a high end blush its quite reasonable.


A very nice glowy blush for the summer especially, decently pigmented and average for wear. I would forever repurchase this though purely for the color and the memories this brings!

And now for the pictures!


Outside packaging


Close up of the product


Blended swatch (left), heavy swatch (right)

Until next time . . .




5 thoughts on “Review: Benefit boxed powder in CORALista + Swatches!

  1. I love Coralista! For me it’s more wearable than say, Nars’ Orgasm, which I find to be just a tad too much with the larger flecks of glitter. The perfect blush for summer, as you say 🙂


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