Comparison: NARS Blushes Gina vs. Gilda + Swatches!


Hello Lovelies,

Before I bought these two blushes I spent plenty of time looking up reviews, swatches and all the information I could find on these blushes. And I’m sure like many people who spend unnecessary amounts of time looking all this up you’ll find various posts comparing different shades of blushes ot dupes. And time and time again I found these two blushes being compared, some people claimed they were completely different, others said the differences were miniscule and you didn’t need both, just one or the other. S I’m going to add my opinion to the mix!

The Similarities

-They are both completely matte shades, no shimmer or sheen whatsoever

-The texture, both blushes are incredibly soft and smooth, not chalky

-The undertones, both blushes have and orange/tangerine base to them

-The wear, neither of these is super long lasting, but they both last a decent time, roughly 8-9 hours with minimal fading

The Differences

-Gina is a bit lighter than Gilda, Gina would be more widely suited for those with paler skin tones, even though my tanned skin can still use it.

-Gilda, like I said is darker, but also has some pinky peach tones in it.

-Gina is purely tangerine/peach, no pink or rose is evident in the swatch or in the pan.

Now for the million dollar question: Should you get both? Yes and No. It really depends on your budget and the extent of your blush collection. If you’re looking to only buy one blush and you’ve gotten down to these two blushes but you are wondering if they are different enough to warrant the purchase of both, then I would say no. However if you have a larger collection, you are looking to have every shade and undertone of blushes, and these kinds of tangerine/peach blushes flatter your skin and you don’t mind shelling out the extra cash, then yes it is totally worth it.

For instance when I opened these in the mail, my dad looked at them in shock and said “they sent you two of the same blush?”. But in my eyes they are completely different, one is considerably more pink than the other (Gilda), both in the pan and on my skin. I’m also a NARS blush collector, I love the formula of them, I love the packaging, just everything about them, so to me I don’t see these blushes as very similar, but if you’re just looking to get one nice blush and you want something in this color family, you don’t need both. At least in my opinion.

If you’re looking for a recommendation, it depends on your skin coloring. If you’re more tanned I would said Gilda, because it’s darker. If you’re pale you could really go with either, it just depends on your undertones. If there’s more pink and red to your skin, you may want to go with Gina, because the yellow/orange undertones to this help cancel out the red. If you don’t have a lot of redness then you could go with either, it just depends on whether you prefer blushes to be more pink/red based (Gilda) or more peach/yellow based (Gina)

Here are some comparison pictures, hopefully you’ll be able to see the differences that I see in them.


Both compacts side by side (front)


Both compacts side by side (back)


Blushes in pan side by side (L-R: Gina, Gilda)


Heavy swatches Gilda (top), GIna (bottom)



Blended swatches Gilda (top), Gina (bottom)

And thats it! From here you’ll have to make your own decision, but I hope this helped some of you if you were hemming and hawing between the two. If you have any question please ask! Also if you have these blushes do you agree or disagree with what I was saying? Until next time . . .




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