DIY: Candle Makeup Brush Holder!


Hello Lovelies,

I don’t know about you guys but I’m a bit of a candle addict. Like I have to stop myself whenever I’m within a one mile radius of a Bath and Body works, to not go in and buy every bakery, yummy scent they have. Anyways, onto my addiction. I go through candles quite quickly and after a while it felt like such a waste because not only was there about a half inches worth of wax left but also this perfectly fine glass cup just being tossed. And so of course to youtube I went and I saw one of my all time fave gurus Ingrid, doing a video about how she repurposes her empty bath and body works candles. My way is practically the same as hers and just about any other youtube/blog post you’ll find on this topic. But for those of you never even thought to do this, hopefully this will be helpful, and maybe even spur you to burn off that last bit of leftover candles you have lying around. Here we go!

First off you need your burned down candle, you’ll know you candle is done when you can either see the metal that holds the wick in place or, if you light it and it only burns for a minute or so before fizzing out on it’s own. You’ll also need a knife, please be careful when using this, it’s very easy to let the handle slip and possibly hurt yourself, some dishwashing soap, and a sponge or anything really with a rough edge that you can scrub with.


  1. Place your candle in the freezer, preferably overnight, but a couple of hours will do.
  2. Now carefully take your knife and start cracking the wax, it should break quite easily into little chunks, save these for later! And if you’re lucky the glue holding the wick to the base of the candle will come away, this makes cleanup much easier! But if it doesn’t come away easily with the rest of the wax leave it alone for know.
  3. Get the water running as hot as possible in your skin and put some of the dishwashing soap in there as the water is running to create some bubbles. Not only is this part a little fun it helps ease clean up later on.
  4. Place your candle in the water carefully.
  5. Now go do something for about ten minutes, have a snack catch up on wordpress, whatever!
  6. Take the candle out of the soapy water, but leave the sink full, you’ll come back to this. Now get a paper towel and fold it into quarters, this provides a no slip base to place your candle. Place the candle upside down on the paper towel. Then take your knife and carefully scrape away the sticker on the bottom, it should come away very easy, because not only is the paper broken down but the guile is slightly melted.
  7. Now its time to remove the colorful sticker on the side, so place your candle on its side on the paper towel. If you have longer nails just pick away at the edge of the sticker until it lifts enough that you can just grab it and pull it away, but if you have short nails, use your knife to gently flick up the edge of the sticker.
  8. By now the candle has probably cooled considerably, so put about a dime size amount of the dishwashing soap into the bottom of the candle and pour the water again as hot as it can be, then fill up the candle with water and place it to the side.
  9. Wait a minute or so, this would be a good time to tidy anything up.
  10. 10.  Now drain the water out and take your knife to carefully lift up the metal wick base and the glue holding it in place. It should come up relatively easy because the hot water would have helped melt the glue some.

11. Bath time! Just wash the candle as you would any of other dish, though be careful of any residue wax on the sides of the candle, those are incredibly hard to remove.

12. Dry.

13. Now fill it with whatever you wish! The three wick candles are perfect pencil holders or makeup brush holders. I have one for my brushes, one of my pencils and mascaras, one for my lipsticks, and one for all my lip glosses. The size I used for this DIY was the one wick, which you can see fits cotton rounds perfectly or cotton buds.

*Here are some pictures to help you guys out, I know I’m not always the best as explaining things!

DSC_0418_mini DSC_0420_mini DSC_0426_mini DSC_0430_mini DSC_0432_mini DSC_0435_mini DSC_0438_mini DSC_0439_mini DSC_0443_mini DSC_0446_mini

Bonus DIY!

Now that you’ve repurposed the glass, what do you do with the leftover wax? Well here ya go! This really only works if you have an oil/melt warmer, if you don’t they are quite easy to come by, in fact Bath and Body Works always has them in fun designs to go with the seasons, for a relatively inexpensive price. That where I got mine.

  1. Take the leftover wax and put it in the top well
  2. Get a tea light or some other kind of small unscented candle and place it in the bottom compartment.
  3. Light the bottom candle and watch as the wax in the upper well melts!

Only burn the wax for an hour at a time, any more than that and you can burn the wax or the well may get too hot.

*Here are some pictures!

DSC_0447_mini DSC_0448_mini DSC_0451_mini

I hope this post was helpful for you guys! If you have any questions, or if you try this please tell me! Until next time . . .




3 thoughts on “DIY: Candle Makeup Brush Holder!

  1. I was just looking for detailed instructions on how to clean out my candles and I come across yours, by far the most comprehensive, best post on exactly how to do this. I didnt clean my Sandalwood Vanilla candle holder because I use that to put my dirty brushes in them. Afterwards the smell from the candle stays in my brushes for months! The other holders I have deported work like a dream though. Thanks!


    • Thats so great to hear, and the fact that this was helpful means so much! Thats exactly why I made this post 🙂 Thats a really great idea! I’ve also heard of people putting in coffee beans to help the brushes stand up, but also to make the handles coffee scented!


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