Review: Benefit Bella Bamba + Swatches!



This pink blush is described as a ‘watermelon pink’ and on the packaging it claims to be a 3D brightening pink face powder. Both descriptions I think are very accurate. It’s a very nice bright pop of shimmering pink. It is quite shimmering and reflective, but I don’t notice any obvious glitter particles. And at first when I saw the 3D claim, I just assumed it was all marketing mumbo jumbo, but I can really see what they mean once you apply it, something about the color and the way it shimmers on your cheek, it really makes your cheeks pop!

Its not super finely milled, but it still is a nice soft blush that picks up well with as natural fiber brush. Oh my combo skin this blush lasts average, 7-8 hours with some fading around the edges or where I applied it more sheer. This blush isn’t super pigmented, but its definitely average, which seems to be on par with all Benefit boxed powders that are meant to be blushes. It does have a very slight floral scent to it, which I really do like, it’s a nice surprise when you open the blush, but doesn’t linger after you’ve applied it or on your brush.


Like all Benefit boxed powders, they are indeed in in cardboard boxes, but I just love the packaging on them, Bella Bamba has a really pretty orange and pink holographic print all around. Also it comes with a small brush, that is decent enough though I prefer to use a normal fluffy brush.


This blush is very reasonably priced at $28 for 0.28 oz. I know the actual price tag isn’t all that fantastic, but for the amount of product it’s a really great deal!


A great staple pink blush, that looks great on the skin. Not sure if I would repurchase just because I’d like to try out other pink blushes, but that’s not a statement implying lacking quality or anything, it’s a great blush! Definitely recommend.

And now for the swatches!


Close up of the outside packaging 


Close up of the product


Swatches: heavy swatch (top), and blended swatch (bottom)

Until next time . . .

real veronica


2 thoughts on “Review: Benefit Bella Bamba + Swatches!

    • It really is gorgeous! And actually right now, if you have access to a Sephora, this comes in a really great set, with a bunch of other products for not much more than the blush cots all on it’s own. The set is called the Pretty Committee, thats how I purchased mine last year!


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