Review: The Balm CabanaBoy Blush + Swatches!


Hello Lovelies,

Does anyone remember where I got this blush? If you’re a longtime reader you may remember seeing this in my haul a while ago, which by the way I have some new stuff, would you guys want to see a haul of those items? Anyways, I used my points from Birchbox, which I’m no longer subscribed to, to purchase this which made it virtually free!


I don’t own many things from The Balm and I’ve never really handled much from them so I can’t say if this blush is similar in quality to their other powder products, or if its better or worse quality. This blush is described as a ‘dusty-rose . . .(with) plum undertones’, which is surprisingly accurate. I was thinking and thinking of how to exactly describe it, and their site nailed it perfectly. It has a very subtle shimmer, with absolutely no obvious glitter particles, which is awesome!

The texture of this powder is surprisingly smooth and it’s obvious that the powder is very finely milled. This makes the powder very easy to apply and very even. The lasting power is very average, roughly 8-9 hours if I apply it lightly, but the more heavily I apply this the longer it lasts. CabanaBoy is also very pigmented, which I think is largely due to how finely milled the powder is.

I think this color would work best with those with neutral to cool undertones. I have quite olive/yellow toned skin, but I can still make it work, with the right look. It’s also quite pigmented, so I think it looks best with light-medium to deeply tanned skin. I’m not sure how well this would fair with very light skin, simply because it’s so purple/cool toned it may give more a bruised look, but I don;t have fair skin so I can’t say that with absolute surety.


Probably some of the cutest packaging I’ve seen from a brand other than Benefit. All their packaging is full of puns and cheeky names. This one is definitely no different, the powder is housed a very slim and sleek cardboard compact with quite the romantic scene on the front!


The Blam is pretty much always a very reasonabley priced brand considering they are high end, this blush is really inexpensive for $21 for 0.3 oz! TO give you some reference a MAC blush is $21 but you only get 0.21oz, and a NARS blush is $29, but you only get 0.16oz.


I really love this blush, its very pigmented, wears well and is quite affordable!

And now for some swatches!


Overall packaging


Close up of the product


Heavy swatch (top), blended swatch (bottom)

I hope you guys enjoyed this post! Also let me know about another haul, would that be something you guys would be interested in? Let me know! Until next time . . .

real veronica


2 thoughts on “Review: The Balm CabanaBoy Blush + Swatches!

    • I have exposed and NARS Sin is on my wish list ( though it seems everything from NARS is on my wish list!). From what I’ve read on your blog I think we do, I’m pretty olive/yellow toned, and you are so right. I never tried sin because I was convinced it wouldn’t go well, but now that I’ve tried this I think it may actually work!


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