Review: BA STAR Lip Gloss + Swatches (coupon code too!!)



This clear based, glitter gloss is described as a sheer gloss with lots of shine. And boy is that description spot on! The base of this gloss is just a clear gloss, which all on it’s own it is super glossy and shiny, but then for some added glam, they added some fun glitters to amp it up. The glitters inside are in a variety of shades: blue, green, pink, orange and gold, so it never looks flat. Now I know glitter kind of has a bad rap, when people think of glitter they think super obvious and gaudy, but for this gloss that isn’t the case. Yes you can see them, but they don’t deter from your look, they merely enhance the look of your lips by adding some shine and when the light is right, some subtle glitz.

When I fist laid my hands on this gloss I was a bit skeptical as to how the glitter would feel on my lips, because with some glosses the glitter and shimmer can be so thick that it can be like a gritty/sandy feel on the lips, especially after the base of the gloss wears away or gets absorbed into your lips. But the glitter is so fine and sparse enough that it doesn’t bother my sensitive lips. To me it just feels like a normal gloss. This also has a nice light sweet scent that I can only smell when I open it, one its on the lips, I can’t smell or taste anything.

The wear on this is average about two hours before I feel the need to reapply. Also I was really surprised at how moisturizing this felt on the lips! I really don’t feel the need for chapstick before application. And the last bit I have to say about the actual product, is that this didn’t feel heavy or gloopy on the lips. Some glosses, like MAC, can be really sticky and heavy on the lips, this BA Star feels very light on the lips, almost like you aren’t wearing any.


I love the packaging on this gloss, its super fun but also simple. The handle is a nice zebra stripe design, and the applicatory is a doe foot applicator that manages to pick up enough product to gloss both lips with some left over, but without over depositing the gloss so you feel the need to wipe away.


This is a really affordable lipgloss, it comes in a two pack with the pink version of this gloss all for the price off $8.75. But BA Star was super awesome and they wanted to make sure everyone could get their hands on their products, so they gave me a really awesome coupon code for you guys! For 50% off just use the coupon code: BBDUST. Which brings down the price to just $4.38, so a little more than $2 for each gloss. If you’d like to use the code click here to be directed to their site and just use the code at checkout, oh and the code is good for all of their products not just the glosses, and it expires on September 30th, 2013.


I was really surprised by the quality of this this gloss, especially considering how inexpensive this was, and considering that I’m not the hugest gloss fan. Its very smooth, feels light on the lips, and gives just the right amount shine and glitter so this can still be something you could wear everyday. Definitely recommend! And again here is the link for their site

And now for some swatches!


Here is the overall packaging 


Close up of the doe foot applicator


Swatch in artificial lighting, the glitter is much more pronounced in person


Swatch in full sunlight, you can really see the glitter here, though this still doesn’t give it justice

Well that it for now, I hope you guys enjoyed and I hope that this was a useful post, let me know if you guys check out the site at all! Until next time . . .

real veronica

**Disclaimer: This lipgloss was sent to me for free by the company so I could give you all my thoughts. This is not a paid review and I do not receive any compensation from you guys clicking the link or using the coupon code. This was my full and honest opinion of this product.


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