Review: Kevyn Aucoin Sensual Skin Enhancer in SX9


Hello Lovelies,

So a while back I hauled this foundation and in the comments someone wanted a review of this foundation, and so after I’ve given this many a tests in all kinds of conditions I’ve formed some very solid opinions about this extremely hyped, but rarely talked about foundation.


This thick, high coverage foundation is described as: ‘The Sensual Skin Enhancer was created to mimic the appearance of healthy, radiant skin.’. This is very uniwue among the commercial and main stream foundations, because first off, it comes housed in a pot, not a pump or a compact. It’s very thick, for instance you could hold and shake the pot upside down and all around and it wouldn’t budge an inch from how you found it. It’s also very high coverage, more coverage than some (most) concealers. So the fact that it’s a foundation is very surprising to most.

Something that’s also a bit strange about this foundation is the color range. They may seem strait forward with their descriptions, but they are nothing but straight forward. Please do not buy this foundation without being color matched if you’ve never owned this before, because its very likely that you wont be the color you think you are. If you can try to get this applied to your whole face, because even when I had this applied to one cheek, was 99% sure that was the color I was going to get, and had it applied to my whole face it looks just wrong. The artist ended up using something I would have never in a million years chosen for myself, but its now my perfect shade.

The formula is very interesting on this one, like I said it’s thick, and it isn’t very easy to smooth on dry skin. So you really need to either put on a primer, or mix it with a moisturizer or primer. I like to thin it out a bit by wetting the foundation brush I use to buff it into my skin, this helps spread it around for even coverage without using  a whole lot to get it all over my skin.

On my combination skin, this was last at least 8 hours without the need for touch ups, but after that a quick swipe of powder or blotting papers is pretty much necessary for this foundation to look it’s best.


Very simple but functional packaging for this foundation. Just a black pot with a deep garnet screw on top with Kevyn Aucoin printed on the lid.


This is my most expensive foundation, but also my most versatile and probably one that will last me the longest. At $45 for 0.63oz.


I really love this foundation, and would recommend this to anyone with a need for various coverage foundations, or just a high coverage foundation. The only really downfalls of this foundation is the off kilter color range, so just make sure you get color matched, because if you find a color match this could possibly be your Holy Grail!


Overall Packaging


Close up of the product, as you can see I’ve been using this like crazy!


This is about how much I use to cover my whole face for medium coverage, or if I want medium-full coverage this covers about half my face


Blended out onto the skin, you can see how well this blends and just looks like perfect skin and not a mask


And another shot blended into the skin

I hope you all enjoyed this post! I know it has been a long time coming, so thank you for being patient! If you have any questions please don’t hesitate! Until next time . . .

real veronica


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