Review: BA STAR Star Dust in Apricot & Body Shimmer Base + Coupon Code!


Hello Lovlies,

A while back I did a post reviewing a lip gloss by BA STAR cosmetics, a fun and extremely affordable make up brand. And the other day as I was flipping through my mail I came across yet another package by them. So yes I did get this for free but that in no way effects my review of this product. I didn’t even know they were sending me this, which was a really nice surprise!


This Star Dust is in a loose form, similar to a pigment that somehow manages not to be a total mess when applying. I’m not sure what they do to create this formula but it seems to cling together and not go completely airborne as soon as you open the product. It’s a moderately soft formula, not as soft and butter as some other eye shadows I’ve encountered but that does not mean this is sub par quality, it’s very good quality in fact. The color is called ‘Apricot’ which is quit accurate for it’s orangey-peach color. When I first looked at it I immediately thought that if Rubinesque paint pot by Mac and Amber Lights by Mac had a baby in pigment form, this is what the result would be.

When I first swatched this I had to admit I was a bit disappointed because the beautiful rich color in the pot was not coming across on my bare skin, it was a sheer wash of color, still beautiful but not what I was expecting. But then I used this with it’s accompanying primer and wowza, that’s when the color came in. It was true to color in one swipe, and brilliantly vibrant. So this product does require some kind of primer underneath to adhere to.

As for the primer it’s a very interesting texture, very silky and almost slippery on the skin. It first applies white but then blends to clear completely on the skin. On my lids alone it did crease quite quickly, 3 hours. But for me that’s about normal wear time for most standard primers. To give you reference, UDPP creases on my lids in about 3-4 hours depending on the weather and Mac paint pots crease within 30 minutes. So this primer would probably work just as well with any of those primers if that’s what you are currently using.

This primer though isn’t necessary for the Star Dust, if you have some other kind of primer already just use that, but if you’re looking for a good quality and inexpensive primer then this may be worth trying out!


For the Star Dust, it is housed in a clear plastic pot with a sifter between the product and the lid which limits how much products comes out, and like I mentioned earlier the product kind of clings to itself so there’s never too much product already in the lid. The lid itself is clear with a black ring around the base and the brands logo printed in sliver across the clear part of the lid.

The base that goes along with this shadow is simply packaged with a clear base to show the white product inside, the brands logo printed in silver along the side and the handle mirroring the logo with the same sliver, reflective surface. The applicator is a simple doe foot applicator


The shadow is very well priced at $8.75 for 5 oz of product and the shadow base is also priced at $8.75 fo 1.5 fl oz. Of course these are really well priced all on their own, but they gave me a coupon code to share with my readers for 50% off the Star Dusts! Just shop as you normally would and then at checkout use the code BBDUST and you’ll get 50% off . This code expires at the end of the month September 30th, 2013.


I really enjoy these products and find myself reach for them quite often, especially the Star Dust, because it’s such a universal beautiful color, especially with my blue eyes, this color really makes them pop. I would definitely purchase more of the Star Dusts, however I have exceptionally oily eyelids, so I don’t think I would every purchase the Eye Base.

And now for some pictures!


Overall Packaging


Overall Packaging, backside


Swatches, top without base, bottom with base


Close up swatches, left without base, right with base


Overall Packaging of Base



Base swatched heavily (top) and sheered out (bottom)

Well thats it for now, until next time . . .

real veronica


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