The Many Uses of Vitamin E Oil!


Hello Lovelies,

A while back I did a haul and listed Vitamin E oil as one of the items, and I got a surprising amount of questions about why I would list it in a beauty haul. Keep in mind though, the oil I use is not edible, it is not a supplement.

Use number one: Hair oil

I know hair oils have become quite the craze among the beauty world, brands everywhere are all coming out with various ‘oils’, many of which are just filled with silicones. I use this mostly just on the ends of my hair when I feel like my hair needs an extra boost of moisture. I only use this one damp hair because on dry hair it just seems a bit too heavy.

Use number two: Cuticle oil

This oil is a great oil to have at your bedside, I always use some kind of oil on my cuticles at night, and this works just as well as my more expensive cuticle oils!

Use number three: Body/Facial moisturizer

This isn’t the best body moisturize you’ll ever use but in a pinch, or on a particularly dry patch, this oil works great! It also works great with the skin because it sinks in very quickly, and doesn’t clog the pores

Use number four: Scar/stretch mark treatment

Now I’m not use of the specific science of how this helps to diminish scars and stretch marks, but I believe it has some component in it that brightens the skin.

Well I hope you all enjoyed this post! If you have any other uses you can think of please leave them in the comments! Until next time . . .

real veronica


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