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My Candle Collection Feat. Bath and Body Works + other Room Fragrances


Hello Lovelies,

The other day I was rummaging through my room scent drawer, deciding which combination of plugin with which candle and with which room spray to put into my room. And yes I do take this much detail when it comes to the way my room smells – it’s weird I know. It got me thinking though about all the different items I have, and I thought you guys may like to know! I’ll start off my listing the collection I would find most interesting: the candles! Which by the way all the candles in this post are from Bath and Body Works, which I know unfortunately is only in the US, but I do know that you can find comparable candles with most of the scents I’m listing. Some of them are quite unique and limited edition.


Scent Description: Share the delight with a homemade vanilla cake donut covered in sugar crystals and crushed cinnamon


Scent Description: Gather with friends and celebrate the season with this warm, rich blend of creamy pumpkin, spiced caramel and sweet cream


Scent Description: The perfect pick from the corner bakery this fall – aspired pumpkin cupcake with the rich buttercream and frosted ginger


Scent Description: Fresh, tart cranberries, blackcurrant and warm cinnamon bark combine in a delightful fragrance inspired by the magic of the woods during harvest time.


Scent Description: This delectable fragrance of creamy vanilla, winter mint and touch of coconut evokes a dreamy snowflake filled day. 


Scent Description: A blend of fresh pumpkin, brown sugar, cinnamon, nutmeg and vanilla tells the tale of bringing home the perfect pumpkin.


Scent Description: Indulge in the fragrance of a beloved baked treat with a blend of freshly picked apples, cake donut and a hint of cinnamon.


Scent Description: Like the feeling of the bright sun and warm sand – orange flower, yuzu and coconut husk *This honestly just smells like sunscreen mixed with a bit of ocean breeze and a light summer perfume


Scent Description: The lush fragrance of Tahitian petals, monoi blossoms and vanilla. Let’s run away to paradise!


Scent Description: The scents of fine woods – mahogany, cedar wood and oak – highlighted by delicate lavender and geranium notes conjure up an escape to a cosy library on a chilly fall day * This smells exactly like Abercrombie Fierce – aka an uber sexy man


Scent Description: A delightful fragrance blending lilac blossom, lingering muguet, delicate heliotrope and violets


Scent Description: The delightful scent of fresh cut spring flowers – sweet lilac, pink freesia and hyacinth layered with cooling greens.


Scent Description (top): A delicious blend of sweet peppermint, fluffy marshmallow cream and rich vanilla cupcake

Scent Description (bottom): Celebrate the stars on a clear winter’s night with a warming blend of apple brandy and spiced plum, infused with milled cider and taste cranberry 


Scent Description (top): The perfect blend of spicy ginger, rich buttercream and brown sugar topped with whipped vanilla frosting.

Scent Description (bottom): The perfect blend of milk, chocolate, steamed milk and sweet marshmallow fluff

Now onto these wall plugins, again by Bath and Body works, they are called Wallflowers. I have a bunch of them as you can see, unfortunately these don’t have scent descriptions on them, however some scents are matching with the candles and others are quite obvious.


Sun Tan, Peach Bellini, Pumpkin Caramel Latte, Pumpkin Cupcake, Garden Bouquet, Mahogany Teakwood, Sweet Pea, Flower Shop,  Spiced Cider and Homemade Cookies

And lastly room sprays, I get my room sprays just from the grocery store or the drug store because I really like the brand  Fabreze because in addition to adding a nice scent to the room, they also eliminate odor, instead of covering it up. I;m not sure if you guys have ever experienced this when the fragrance just mixes with the not so pleasant smells, creating something even worse. However if you like the idea of really tying in all the fragrances in your room exactly, Bath and Body Works does have room sprays that match their other home fragrance items.


From left to right: Mediterranean Lavender (very fresh and simple), Thai Dragon Fruit (sweet floral), Apple Spice and Delight (as it sounds a bit of apple and spice), Pumpkin Harvest (like the perfect pumpkin pie), Fluffy Vanilla (like a sweet vanilla cupcake)

Well thats it for now, I hope you all enjoyed this post. Until next time . . .

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2 thoughts on “My Candle Collection Feat. Bath and Body Works + other Room Fragrances

    • Haha yes I know, my collection is a bit out of hands, however I have put myself on a no-buy for room fragrance until I finish at least three candles, which should be a while considering I do not go through them very fast!


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