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Top 10 Products to Get When You Come to the U.S.

Hello Lovelies,

So many times when you’re scanning different beauty blogs or youtube videos, you see a product or brand that you just have to have, and you go to look where you can buy it and you can’t because it’s only assessable in certain countries, or it’s access is so limited it might as well be impossible.  Another beauty blogger here on WordPress, Bonnie, has some of the same issues, and together we decided to collaborate and list the must have products you should get when you come to our country. She is from the UK and she’ll be listing the products or brands that you can pretty much only get there, while I’m from the US and this is my list of must have products that you can pretty much only get here.  If you’re interested in her post here is the link (I’ll update the link soon, for now just lick through to her blog). But now onto my list of products (in no particular order)!

Makeup Forever: Now I know you can get MUFE in other countries, but here it is very readily available. And the top products I would suggest getting would be their:

1. Foundations: Mat Velvet + for oilier skin or their HD version for more normal to dry skin, I loved my Mat Velvet + so much I actually used it up, so here is an older picture of the bottle.


MUFE Mat Velvet + foundation, just ignore the NARS illuminator

2. Aqua Creams: These are formulated with synchronized swimmers in mind, so they’re meant to be just about bullet proof.


Pictured above is the shade 13 Warm Beige, described as a champagne shimmer

If you’d like to purchase these, Sephora is the best place.


Wet n’ Wild: This is a very surprising brand, it’s very inexpensive at the drugstore, most of their products range from $2 – 5, but still manage to have really great quality. I would recommend picking up their items from their coloricon series.

3. Blushes: Very pigmented and soft formula, here is my full review.


This blush is in the shade Mellow Wine, it’s a mauve pink with some subtle shimmer

4. Shadow Palettes: Again very pigmented and soft formula.


This is a a limited edition palette in Sparkle till Morning, but Comfort Zone is a very nice neutral as well

5.  Bronzer/ Highlight: Like all the other color icon products, it’s very smooth to the touch and easy to blend.


This is a bronzer, however on my skin this is a highlighter in Reserve your Cabana

If you’re interested in buying these items, here is a list of places where you can purchase them.

Tarte: This brand is really well known for more of their long wearing items, especially their blushes and eyeshadows.

6. 12-hour Amazonian Clay blushes: These blushes seem to have a total cult following, and there is a reason, they are very long lasting and have a beautiful shade range, here is my review.


This shade is in Exposed

7. They also have really great eye shadow palettes, which are a great value for their price, very pigmented and soft formula, and most palettes have the perfect blend of neutrals with some pops of color.


This is a limited edition palette from the True Blood collection, but Tarte always has a good selection of palettes

The best place to buy this is either Sephora or the Tarte website

8. NYC: Another very inexpensive brand, and not all the products are hits, but their Smooth Skin Bronzer in Sunny is amazing!  It’s completely matte and the perfect color for both overall bronzing and contouring.


Here is where you can purchase this, the store locator is in the top right corner

9. Lorac: I would really suggest getting the Unzipped Palette, which has a nice mix of warm toned neutral shades with some shimmer and some matte shades, and I feel like a broken record, but the formula is very smooth and pigmented. Another great option though is the Pro palette if you like more variety in tones and shades of eyeshadows.


The best place to purchase this is at Ulta

10. Physicians Formula: A great drugstore brand that is known for being more natural and kind to you skin. Their shimmer strips are very similar to the Bobbi Brown shimmer bricks.


Some places to buy this


11. Rollerball Perfumes: I’ve heard from a ton of different people that in some other countries perfume rollerballs are hard to come by, or completely nonexistent, whereas here in the US I’ve never heard of a perfume not being available at some point in a rollerball form. These are really convenient  for your purse or traveling. Here are some good sets from Sephora



This particular rollerball is the original Juicy Couture scent

Well that’s all I have for now, if you’re visiting from another country, first off hello! But also if you’re really interested in a product or brand that isn’t available in your country, but is here in the US that I didn’t mention, please comment down below! Until next time . . .

real veronica

Other places you can find me!

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