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Warm and Cozy: A Fireside Inspired Tutorial


Hello Lovelies!

So if you’ve been reading my blog for a while you may have noticed that I’ve never done a proper tutorial, and I had been considering doing one for a while now, but it’s just a bit difficult to get the camera angles I want and take the pictures themselves when I’m the only canvas. I was talking this over with my good friend Michelle  and she offered to be my model for this post! So big thanks to my bestie! Onto the tutorial! These are all the items mentioned in the post apart from some items that were Michelle’s, and I forgot to photograph them.

eddited unzipped eddited naked1 DSC_0912_mini DSC_0908_mini

For the sake of not clogging this post with too many pictures,  I already applied Michelle’s primer, foundation, concealer,  powder and brows, which if you’re interested is Smashbox Photofinish primer in Color Balance, NARS Sheer Glow (Fiji+Barcelona), Smashbox HD concealer in light, MAC MSFN in Light Plus and MAC eyeshadow in expresso.


This is the before with all items mentioned above applied

I then primed her lids with Urban Decay Primer Potion in Eden to create a smooth canvas for the shadow. With a light gold shadow I applied it to the inner half of her lid, Undiscovered from the Unzipped Palette, and a darker gold shade to the outer half of the lid to create a gradient effect, Half Baked from Urban Decay. Both shadows were applied with a MAC 239.

DSC_0856_mini DSC_0858_mini DSC_0859_mini

For the crease work I began by applying what I refer to as a ‘blending’ shade, this is just a base crease color that makes blending easier later on with dark colors, generally a mid tone brown works best I used Naked from Urban Decay, then to deepened the crease in the outermost corner I used a darker shimmery warm toned brown, Uncensored from the Unzipped Palette. Both shades were applied with a MAC 217.

DSC_0862_mini DSC_0863_mini

Then to make sure the look wasn’t too heavy on the top I took the same darker brown shade and ran it across the lower lash line with a small shader brush. To finish the eyeshadow, I took a light matte cream shade for the brow bone, for this I used MAC Brule (Michelle loves this shadow so much!). For this shade I just used a large shader brush, something like a MAC 252.

DSC_0866_mini DSC_0870_mini

To finish off the rest of the eye look I took a dark brown pencil eyeliner, Urban Decay 24/7 liner in Demolition, and smudged it across the lash line for a soft defining effect. Then for the lashes Michelle used Maybelline ‘The Rocket’ in blackest black through her lashes, and then very lightly across her bottom lashes with whatever was left over on the brush.


For the face I lightly contoured with Kevyn Aucoin’s sculpting powder in medium just through the hallows of her cheek bones with a small blush brush. MAC Gingerly was the blush I used just through the apples of the cheeks to add some warmth to her complexion. And lastly I lightly dabbed a bit of MACs lipstick in brave on her lips, which is a very neutral lip color for Michelle’s coloring.

DSC_0885_mini DSC_0887_mini

And now here is the completed look! Unfortunately I wasn’t thinking and forgot to take a final picture of Michelle with her blush and lipstick so here is the most complete before and after I have.

DSC_0853_mini DSC_0879_mini

Here is another close up of the finished eye look.


I really hope you all enjoyed this post, I know it wasn’t perfect so please if you have any constructive criticism on how I could better format these posts later on, leave it in a comment. Also if you have any suggestions for future tutorials please also leave them in the comments. Until next time . . .

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