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My Holy Grail Foundation?


Hello Lovelies!

Very recently I got a new desk, which I lurv by the way, it’s so perfect! But anyways, I switched over all my items from my old desk to my new desk, which has drawers, whereas my last desk was actually a drawing desk so there were no drawers or storage really and on the top of the desk there are these little compartments which I decided to use for the items that are my never-fail-will-use-forever kind of items. And as I was going through my makeup I realized that I already knew exactly what foundation I would choose. Which made me think: is this my holy grail?

And after thinking about it for a while this is the only foundation I have repurchased, and gone through. When I’m out I truly miss it and I go out and buy it. When I have a special event or I want my skin to look perfect this is the foundation I choose. And when my skin is acting up, which is almost never now thank you Accutane, this is the foundation I choose. So then this must be my holy grail right? Kind of.

One of the many things that makes me love this foundation is the color range, first off it’s quite extensive with a full range from light to dark but the shades they have match my skin perfectly. And I don’t mean ‘oh this matches my skin well’, no this is my skin but perfect in a cute little bottle. I have yellow/olive undertones in my skin, and if a powder or foundation has any pink, or even if they are just neutral it makes it look like I used a sheer blush as a setting powder. I use Figi in the winter and Barcelona in the summer, and Punjab in the spring and fall, but I don’t have that shade right now so I just mix in a little bit of Figi and Barcelona to make my perfect shade.

Another thing I love about this foundation is the coverage, it’s not too much but it’s not too little, it’s just right. I would describe this as medium-buildable coverage, especially if you use a buffing or flat top kabuki brush. The brush I tend to prefer is the Sigma F80 which is the flat top kabuki. This brush allows me to really work the foundation into my skin so it doesn’t really look like I’me wearing foundation. It also is a very good brush for when I want to layer up for any areas that are too large to cover with concealer, usually on the tops of my cheekbones where I have a lot of acne scarring.

No matter how much I layer this, it never manages to be cakey or look heavy on the skin, this was a really important aspect for me when my acne was in it’s prime and I would need to layer my foundation over large areas. A good example of it’s ability to cover is in my recent post which my friend Michelle helped me with. She had never used the foundation before and wanted to try it out and considering we have similar coloring I used it for the tutorial, and while I was applying it she immediately said that she wouldn’t like it. Dismayed I asked her why when she hadn’t even seen what it looked like, her response was that it was way too light on the skin for it to provide enough coverage for her. Being the avid fan I told her to wait until it was applied and blended before she decided it was a no go for her (Side note, Michelle has near perfect skin but she dislikes her freckles so she prefers higher coverage foundations). Once everything was blended she took a look in mirror and was very pleasantly surprised at the coverage it provided and how light it felt on the skin.

Another important aspect of this foundation is it’s ability to work with a wide array of skin types, when I first began using this my skin would be considered combination, my cheeks were normal but my t-zone was oily. I would use a primer and set with a powder and it looked incredibly natural and radiant on my skin. And now I have normal-dry skin and without a primer or a setting powder it still looks natural and radiant. I would describe the finish of this to be a satin finish, because it’s not dewy or oily looking but it’s also not mattifying, and it’s slightly more radiant than a ‘skin-finish’ foundation. I’m not sure this would be best suited for someone with all over oily skin, thought there is a youtuber Ingrid Nelson who has all over oily skin and used to rave about this foundation (she’s actually the main reason I bought this because we have near identical coloring, and close enough skin types – well we used to).

Now here is the only thing that keeps this from being my true holy grail, the staying power. Now this foundation has never been marketed as a long wearing foundation, and before I started college it really wasn’t that big of a deal because I applied my makeup at 7 or so in the morning and most days I didn’t need it to last beyond 10 or so in the morning and some mornings I didn’t even bother because I knew I’d only be in school for an hour (I had the best schedule as a senior!). But now that I’m in college and I have a job, the lasting power is a bit more important. I like my foundations to last for 8 hours looking perfect with some wear around the 10 hour mark, and unfortunately this foundation doesn’t meet either of those marks. For about 7 hours it looks near perfect, some fading of my blush and around my chin where I tend to touch a lot with my hands. And by the 10 hour mark, my foundation is patchy and not nearly as fresh looking as I’d like. I can extend the wear with primers, powders or setting sprays, but it still doesn’t look the way I’d like for as long as I’d like.

Other than that small gripe though it’s perfect in everyway, so NARS if by some small miracle you’re reading this could you come out with a long-wear foundation in addition to your other bases? Thanks!

Well I hope this post was useful for you guys, have you ever tried this foundation? If you have do you agree or disagree with me on the points I made? Also do you think you’ve found your perfect-no-questions-asked-holy-grail foundation? Until next time . . .

real veronica


3 thoughts on “My Holy Grail Foundation?

  1. I dont think ive found my ‘holy grail’ foundation yet. My biggest problem is how long-lasting they are especially with super oily skin and stuff. My favourite is probably revlon colorstay though. And I was wondering, is this the sheer glow foundation or the sheer matte version? 🙂 x


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