Chanel Soleil Tan de Chanel Dupe?


Hello Lovelies,

For a while the Chanel cream bronzer was the It bronzer, everyone wanted it so of course almost all the counters were out of stock of this mystery product, making this even more coveted. So of course I had to have it as well, and it has been my absolute favorite Chanel purchase to date, not that I have a whole slew of Chanel products lying around but I have used my fair share of their products. I did do an individual review of the Chanel which you can read here. The only downside of this though is that it’s quite taxing on your wallet at $50 for this small pot of gold (err . . .bronze). So when Covergirl came out with their TruMagic spring launch featuring a cream bronzer, I knew immediately I had to have it as well and see if it was comparable to the oh-so-famous Chanel bronzer.

The Similarities

– Both of these products are a creamy texture that is best utilized with use of a synthetic bristle brush

– Both provide a very natural bronze look to the skin, nothing obvious

The Differences

– The texture: The Chanel, while solid also has a very thin texture, like a fine cream blush. The cover girl on the other hand is quite thick in comparison, when you tap your finger in it it leaves a raised mark where your finger lifted. Also the Chanel sticks to the skin quite well so you’re able to work it with a brush without blending away the color. The cover girl on the other hand has a very silicon-y texture that blends almost too well because if you do any more than tap at the product on your face in one or two swipes it’s already blended away.

– The color: The Chanel has a slight shimmer to it while the cover girl has no shimmer or sparkle at all

– The pigmentation: The Chanel is quite pigmented, especially in comparison to the Covergirl. If you look at the swatches the Chanel was one swipe while the Covergirl I had to build up because each time I went to swipe another swatch on top so you could see the color, it buffed away the swatch beneath it.

– The Scent: The Chanel has a very faint floral scent that is signature to their other face products, though I don’t notice it once it’s applied. The cover girl has no distinct scent that I can pick up.

– The price: Big difference here like I mentioned the Chanel is $50, and the Covergirl is only $13. But you’ll see why this isn’t exactly beneficial in the next difference.

– The amount: The Chanel pot holds an abundance of product inside, a full 1.0 oz which is almost unheard of for products other than foundations. The cover girl only holds a mere 0.27 oz, which averages out to be roughly $48.10 per ounce, less than $2 less than the Chanel.

The Bottom Line

Are these two products similar? Not at all, and certainly not a dupe! I would say if you’ve been eyeing the Chanel and saw the Covergirl as a possible drugstore dupe, don’t waste your money and just save up for the Chanel. You’ll be so much happier on almost all aspects of the product if you get the Chanel over the Covergirl. I honestly don’t even know what to use the Covergirl for, it’s not very useful as a traditional bronzer( though I have done it and it can work), it’s not pigmented enough to be used to warm up the face under your foundation. I just feel like I wasted $13 for a product I know I won’t use. I totally wish these were more similar because this would be a great opportunity in the drugstore for something that has never been done, and maybe for some people this works wonderfully, I congratulate those of you! For me though this product was a flop and not at all a dupe for the Chanel.

Now for some picture, where hopeful you’ll be able to see the differences more clearly!


Outer Packaging


Products side by side, you can see the lifts in the Covergirl where my finger last was


Swatches, Chanel (top) and Covergirl (bottom)

Tell me, have you guys ever tried either of these products? Do you like them? Also have you ever been super disappointed by a drugstore buy? I’m really curious to know what your guy’s answers are! Until next time . . .

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5 thoughts on “Chanel Soleil Tan de Chanel Dupe?

  1. Wow! I can’t believe the Covergirl product! I was seriously considering getting one, but your post saved me the money! I think I may get that clear one that came out in the same line. Have you tried it?


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