Review: Smashbox Blush Rush in Heartbreak + Swatches!!


Hello Lovelies,

This product has a bit of an interesting story, you see my best friend Michelle, gave this to me when her work was having a bit of a clean out of their products, and she saw this knowing I’m a blush fanatic. So thanks Michelle! Anyways now onto the review:


This powder blush has a very soft, finely milled texture. Theres no powder fallout when I tap my brush in the pan which is really nice for keeping the rest of my makeup clean. The color can be described as a “Dusty rose” by Sephora, I would describe it as a golden, warm toned rose, which sounds like an odd combination but it’s not cool toned enough to be a true rose, but it’s not peach or pink enough to be called a pink or peach. I’ve never really seen a color like this, and I think the closest comparison would be if you took Deep Throat and Lovejoy bushes by NARS and mixed them together.

On the skin this blush has average wear of about 7 hours or so with some fading around 8 hours, not fantastic but also not disappointing. Like I said about the texture is quite soft but it’s not super pigmented, even when I swatch this heavily it’s not as pigmented as I think it should be. Though at the same time it isn’t sheer on the skin either.


The packaging on this blush is kind of unique, it has the same rubberized texture that NARS blushes have, with a clear top so you can see the color of the blush inside, but the bottom part of this compact swivels out to reveal a small mirror. Which seems like on odd place to put a mirror, usually those types of compacts are reserved for powder compacts that you would keep in your purse.


This blush is on the more expensive side of blushes costing $24 for 0.13oz of product, making this the smallest blush I own.


Honestly if my friend Michelle hadn’t given me this blush I probably would have never given this blush a second glance because you almost never here about this brand for blushes. And I still probably wouldn’t purchase this just because I have so many other blushes, even though this is a very unique color.

And now for the swatches!

DSC_0957_mini DSC_0958_mini DSC_0983_mini


Well thats it for now, I hope you guys enjoyed this post, tell me have you ever tried anything from this brand? Until next time . . .

real veronica


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