My First MAC Experience

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Hello Lovelies

After reading a fellow bloggers’ post about her first MAC purchase, it sparked some memories for me when I first began wearing makeup, and I thought it would actually be a really good post for you guys, so here you go, my first MAC experience.

I guess I should probably start out with a bit of back story, I feel like most girls learn the basics of being a typical girl from watching some woman in their life. For me that would be primarily my mom, and while she’s not masculine or anything, far from it actually, she has just never been that into makeup or hair. But to me she had all the answers, so when I told her I wanted to start wearing makeup when I was around 11 or 12, real makeup, not the little plastic things you get that come with barbies or whatever and actually wear it to school, she took me to the drugstore and she bought me Maybelline Great Lash mascara because that was the first mascara she had ever used. But of course soon that wasn’t enough, I wanted to play with eyeliner, eye shadow, and especially foundation because this was during that wonderful time we all experience called puberty. My skin was kind of a mess, full of acne, and like I said my mom just wasn’t super into makeup, or skin care for that matter, so it never occurred to us that my oily skin was probably getting oilier because all I did was wash it, I never thought to put a moisturizer on, hence more pimples. And while other girls in my grade were experiencing similar things I still felt self conscious about it and I wanted a bit of coverage.

This is the part where we introduce the other person I looked up to on what exactly it mean to be a girl, my big sister. We are 13 years a part, and by this time she was living on her own, away at college, and I considered her probably the coolest adult ever to walk across the earth (she was kind of my idol). And she wore way more makeup than my mom ever did, all kinds of colors of eye shadows, blush, foundation, the whole shebang, in my eyes this made her an extremely qualified person to teach me about makeup. So when I told her I wanted to start wearing makeup, more than my meager mascara (which I was also using as a liquid/gel eyeliner at this point because my mom told me I was too young for eyeliner, I disagreed obviously haha) she was completely open to the idea. She thought it was totally normal for a girl my age to start wanting to venture into makeup. But being the good big sister that she is, she told me that if I was going to be putting on makeup on a daily basis, and not just for fun dressing up around the house, I needed to learn how to do things right the first time around. Thank you Sissy!

She had mostly MAC makeup because one of her best friends was a MUA there and got a major discount on all the products, so she told me she would bring me to the counter and have her friend show me how to put on my makeup in a way that was appropriate for girl my age. I was ecstatic, I remember all week being so excited for when she would come pick me up and we could go to the mall. When the day finally came, I was so excited I could hardly contain myself.

I don’t remember everything from that day I just remember sitting in one of those tall stools they had and holding a mirror in front of me as my sisters’ friend applied MAC Face and Body across my skin, soft shimmery eye shadow about the same color as my skin on my lids, light blush on my cheeks and some mascara with brown shadow as my eyeliner. I was on cloud nine. I was taking in every bit of advice she was giving me and trying to memorize it all so I could do the same thing come Monday morning for school. And being the super awesome big sister that she was she got me the Face and Body, because according to her your base is the most important, you can get by with drugstore shadows, blushes and mascaras, but you always invest in a good base because that is what is sitting directly on top of your skin. A rule I’ve always lived by to this day.

So with my small black MAC bag, filled with my one precious item I was on my way to becoming the makeup obsessed junkie that I am today.

And that me dear readers, is the story of my first MAC experience, I realize to some people this was way too young to start me on makeup, but I felt mature enough and I never over did it and looked cakey and overdone, mostly I just enhanced my skin, and brought more attention to my eyes. I’m really glad I didn’t self teach the basics, my sister probably save a lot of embarrassment! Well that’s if for now, tell me about your first experience with makeup, was it sneaking some items from your mom’s stash or were your requests met with open arms? I’d love to know! Until next time . . .

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2 thoughts on “My First MAC Experience

  1. When I was 12, my mom took me and my two best friends to get makeovers at Merle Norman. We got all dressed up for the occasion so we would look our best once we had all our makeup done. I remember my two friends asking for a really natural look, but I specifically remember telling the woman at the counter for COLOR. “I want to SEE the makeup!” After getting our makeup done, we headed to a department store to try on prom dresses! LOL! I’ll remember that day forever. It’s such a fun memory. 🙂
    – Michelle


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