What’s In My Cosmetic Bag?

What's in my cosmetic bag?



Hello Lovelies,

I don’t know about you guys but among my circle of friends I tend to be the one with the ‘Bag Lady’ title because my purses are always huge and filled to the max! And while I may get some occasional jabs about the amount of crap incredibly useful items I always seem to have on hand, when someone needs something there’s a very likely chance I have exactly what’s needed. For instance, I always have an obscene amount of change with me, one of the main culprits of my rather heavy handbag, but guess who always has quarters for parking meters? This gal!

But anyways, onto the main event, the essentials I keep in my cosmetic bag in my purse. Now I say cosmetic because I really don’t carry very much makeup with me on a day to day basis unless I’m wearing a daring lip color or it’s going to be a super long day and I know I’ll need to touch up later on. I should probably start off with my actual cosmetic bag, I’m not sure of the exact name of this pouch or what color it would be under, I would just call it a Small Cosmetic Pouch, probably listed as nude. I looked on the Coach website and I can’t seem to even find this exact item, so it may have been discontinued but almost every brand nowadays has something like this, with some great options at the drugstore.

Inside there are three small pockets, one the length of the bag and the other two are half of that. Inside the longer pocket I keep blotting papers, my favorite are the Boscia green tea blotting linens, and a mirror, this specific one is from some kind of freebie from Sephora and has two magnifications. Then in one of the smaller pockets I keep a big jumble of hair ties, all looped together with an old hair tie so they don’t explode out every time I go to open the pouch. In the last pocket I keep some throat lozenges just in case my throat is feeling less than stellar.

Then of course we are left with the main well in the middle of the pouch where I keep my more commonly used products. I always have some kind of perfume, usually in some kind of roller ball form. Right now I have Juicy Couture Viva la Juicy (not pictured above). I also always have a mini deodorant and a mini Bath and Body Works Hand Sanitizer. Oh and of course some kind of breath freshener, my favorite are the Listerine Strips, but right now I just have some gum.

And as for the more, I guess you could say unique items, I always have a Tide to go stain remover pen (not pictured above) because I have a bad habit of both wearing white shirts and then spilling whatever it is I’m eating onto said white shirts. And because sometimes you just never know when you’re going to need this, Lysol disinfectant spray.

And that’s everything I keep with me in my cosmetic pouch. Although there are still some items I’d like to have packed in there, and things I used to carry with me, but I don’t have a bigger pouch to switch over to. I used to always have a small, travel sized lotion with me, mini toothbrush, mini toothpaste, mini floss, or a couple floss picks, a small hairbrush and sometimes my nail polish in case it chipped throughout the day. I should probably also have some Band-Aids in here as well for uncomfortable shoes and whatnot.

Well I’m going to cut it off right here because I know if I keep on typing this up and thinking of all the little things that could come in handy, I may just start dragging around a kitchen sink with me. Do you guys carry some kind of cosmetic pouch with you day to day? What do you keep in yours? Until next time . . .

real veronica



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