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Hot or Not: Rimmel ScandalEyes Eye Shadow Paint in Rich Russet


Hello Lovelies,

Here is another Hot or Not post for you all on a relatively new product in the drugstores!


I first encountered this little tube of liquid shadow goodness on one of the blogs I follow on bloglovin’ Lilly Pebbles, she also has a youtube channel where she mentions this but I believe it was her blog where I first saw this. And so naturally after she raved and raved over it I did a little investigating and found that of course, it was not yet available in the US yet, as with most of the other amazingly popular Rimmel products out there, Wake Me Up foundation I’m looking at you! So a couple days back when I was just wandering though Ulta trying to kill time, not a smart idea by the way, I came across a new display filled with these little guys. Of course one of them had to come home with me.


This eye shadow in a tube says directly on the bottle “Long wear liquid eye shadow. Lasts all day.” Now this doesn’t say waterproof or crease proof, however on the website and if I remember correctly on the display in Ulta, it does claim to be both waterproof and crease proof with 8 hour wear. We will just have to see about that!


Because this is a cream/liquid eye shadow the application is a tad bit different than with your normal shadows in a pan or even in a pot. These come in a lip gloss style tube with a long and flat doe foot applicator.  If I just want a single wash of color over my lid, which is what these really shine at, I apply a stripe or two across my lid, making sure to get some by my crease area, let it sit for 30 seconds or so to allow it to set up a bit and then just blend away with either my finger or a buffing brush.


Earlier I mentioned some of the rather extreme claims made about this products, that from a liquid shadow it would be not only water proof but also crease proof and last a full 8 hours. Now when I first began playing with this it was rather late at night so I knew I wouldn’t be able to test the wear time or the creasing, so instead I decided I could test some of the other aspects. I swatched it on my hand, smoothed it over my skin and let it sit for a while so it could set in place. About five minutes later, plenty of time to set, I ran my finger over the swatch briskly with no smearing, smudging, or patchiness: amazing. Then I took the smallest drop of water and rubbed it over the swatch: complete disaster. The makeup nearly completely broke up and created this muddy water with nothing left adhering to my skin.

Needless to say I was very disappointed. Generally when I see something that claims to be waterproof, I don’t hold much stock in the claim, but I do believe it’s resistant to wear from water. For instance the Urban Decay 24/7 liners are waterproof, but if you take enough water and rub hard enough some of it will wear away, but the majority of it stays behind. With this however with a single drop of water and very gentle friction the entire swatch was obliterated, meaning nothing was left behind on my hand. It didn’t patch away or flake away, it was completely dissolved by a very small amount of water.

However since I’m not a synchronized swimmer and I’m not constantly rubbing water across my face, I gave this another try, because if it did prove to be crease resistant or longwearing I would still have a great deal of use for this beaut. So for the first try I wore this with no primer underneath (*sidenote: I have extremely oily eyelids) and it wore a considerably long amount of time for me, which for any eye product without primer is about 3.5 hours before the crease fest begins. So for me was it creaseproof? Hell no, but also keep in mind, things like the maybelline color tattoos crease on me, and using just UDPP on its own only lasts about 5 hours on me before it starts to crease. So for the normal, non-oily-eyelidded gal this product will most likely be able to be worn all on its own for hours of crease proof wear. Now with a primer (Specifically the NARS smudge-proof primer), this liquid shadow lasted all day on me.


This product is definitely a hot for me, I think if you love the flexibility of a liquid/cream shadow or you’re just looking to experiment with I think this can be a really great, inexpensive buy! If you see these in your local drugstore I think you should definitely take a look at some of the shades they have!

Here’s a quick swatch so you can see the product both applied heavily and blended out!


Until next time . . .

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