Accutane Diaries

Accutane Diaries: Yet Another Cumulative Update + Switching Doctors!


Hello Lovelies,

So I know it’s been a while since my last Accutane update, but that’s mostly because either school has been a bit crazy, and nothing has really changed. I’m still on 80mg a day, 40 in the morning and 40 at night. However I have switched over doctors, because at the beginning of the year my insurance changed, and I thought I would tell you all how my experience has changed.

If you recall my first post on my Accutane journey, you’ll know that getting on the drug was pretty painless considering how hard it can be for female patients. I only had to get monthly pregnancy tests, no monthly blood work (thank you Lord!) and that was pretty much it. When I had my first appointment with my new doctor, she seemed very shocked that I wasn’t getting monthly blood work done, of course this immediately set my heart racing because I hate getting blood work done, even though it doesn’t hurt that bad, as soon as I feel that cold alcohol wipe on my skin I freeze up and cry. So I explained to her he only gave me blood work at the beginning to check my initial levels, and then a month or so after he upped my dosage to see how my body was handling the medication. Thankfully she seemed to be ok with that, but of course she still wanted me to get another test just so she could see where I was at for herself.

One thing I will say that I had no idea I needed to do when switching doctors was to switch my actual doctor in the iPledge system. And the doctor themselves can’t do this, you as a patient have to do it yourself. So all you do is long onto your account, click patient information, and then there is a button that says to switch providers. Go through that link and then enter in al the information, make sure your doctors’ name is in all caps. Then your new doctors name sound pop up, and then you just click submit (or enter, I can’t remember). Another thing you should probably do if you plan on switching doctors is to sign a release form on your records so that when you switch over, your new dermatologist won’t have any problems getting them faxed over.

Other than that nothing has really changed as far as my symptoms are concerned. I still have dry, but incredibly clear skin. I drink more water than I did before, and my lips are still dry. Though one positive thing that has changed is that I’ve stopped noticing extra hair in my brush and in my shower drain. I still don’t notice a loss of thickness in my hair when feel it, so I’m not too concerned. And from what I’ve read online this symptom is temporary, and your hair will thicken back up once the Accutane is out of your system.

I hope this post was useful for those of you out there who are either on Accutane, planning on taking it or if you happen to be switching doctors! If you’re interested in some of my past Accutane posts here they are : here here here here here. If you have any questions just pop them on down below I’d be more than happy to answer them! Until next time . . .

real veronica

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