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Lose 10 lbs Instantly?

Hello Lovelies,

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I’m always game to look like I’ve lost 10 lbs, and the easiest way to do that in a pinch, is with a bit of smoke and mirrors. Because lets be real, we don’t all have time (drive) to get up on that elliptical 3-5 times a week. For some of you this trick is nothing new, and you do it everyday, but for some people, it may have never even occurred to do this: contouring. Other than evening out my complexion with foundation, this is the best thing that makeup can do for you, in my opinion, especially as someone who has an oval/round face.

Basically what contouring is, is it’s a way to sculpt your face and trick the eye into thinking your face is more angular ( hence slimmer) than it actually is. And all you need is either a bronzing powder, or more preferably a sculpting powder. My personal fave is the Kevyn Aucoin Sculpting powder because it’s just so perfectly subtle and natural. However it is a bit limited just because there is only one shade currently available: medium, which can really only work with those with fair to medium tan skin, and even with medium tan skin you’re kind of pushing the shade range. Another great option are the sculpting powders from MAC because there are just so many to choose from, also NARS just came out with three sculpting palettes in three shades, so that is something to look into if you feel these other brands aren’t cutting it.

Before the KA came into my life I used a matte bronzer for this step, and sometimes if I’m feeling lazy I still do. So don’t feel the need to get a sculpting powder specifically for the purpose of contouring, unless of course you want to! And while using bronzer works because it is darker than your natural skin tone, sometimes the tones can be too warm, and that’s when you start treading into the “dirty” or “muddy” look. Sculpting powders on the other hand are very cool toned, almost taupe in some cases, to mimic a shadow. And unlike bronzer which you can use all over your face to warm up your complexion, a sculpting powder is used more sparingly only in the places you want to slim. My favorite places to contour are in the hallows of my cheek bones (or what little hallows I have that I like to accentuate) and around my jaw line. Here is a diagram to give you an idea of where it’s best to contour for your face shape. Keep in mind though this sin’t the end-all-be-all way to contour your face, if you feel you look best contouring your face one way, go ahead and keep doing that! This is just a good starting place if you’ve never tried contouring before.


And here is another image to show you how subtle, but still amazing contouring can be. This is a little it more extreme than I would recommend, but the exaggerated image lets you see exactly where to place the product. (By the way this isn’t me, and I tried finding the original source of this image but I can’t so if you see this, and it’s yours I’d love to give you credit, just email me!)


And finally here are a couple photos of the Kevyn Aucoin Sculpting powder, you can see it’s not very warm toned or overly pigmented, which some people may not like but I love it because I know I never have too much on my brush. This is especially important with a sculpting powder because they are so cool toned, if you use too much it’s incredibly obvious.


I hope you all enjoyed this post, let me know if you’ve ever tried contouring? I’ve loved doing it every since I learned how to do it. If you have any questions go ahead and ask I’m sure I forgot to mention something! Until next time . . .

real veronica


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