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Arched: My Brow Routine


Hello Lovelies,

I remember when I first began doing makeup, and even when I considered myself quite proficient at doing my makeup, it never even occurred to me that you could ‘do’ your brows. I figured you just plucked them into the shape you wanted them, and then that was it. Lo and behold though there is a bevvy of products and ways to enhance, or even change up your brows. I remember when my friend Michelle (you may remember her from this post!) started doing her brows, and she kept telling me how much I needed to do my own, but wanting to avoid the dreaded drawn on look I held off until I finally gave in after seeing a youtube video where a girl with similar coloring to me, used some matte shadows, from the same palette that I had to fill in her brows. So with cautious strokes I filled in my brows for the first time . . . and was amazed. It changed the whole look of my face-in a good way. All of a sudden my eyes were subtly emphasized and my face had more structure. And then through the gentle progression over the years, too thin brows, too thick brows I’ve finally found a shape and thickness that I think perfectly suits my face and likes, and a bit of a routine that keeps them looking the way I like them.

Less is More! (at least when it comes to plucking!)

I seriously wish I had listened to this bit of advice when I went through my too thin phase. Please, please do not over pluck your brows! It really can be detrimental to your look, and I don’t mean temporarily, just ask anyone you know who has a hard time growing out their brows, it’s probably from over plucking, or over shaving – yes I said shaving! There was a time in the 70’s and 80’s when it was very ‘in’ to completely shave your brows and then draw them in completely. Over a period of time if you keep over plucking and eek shaving, your brows will get thinner and thinner. So a word to the wise, don’t over pluck your brows, and stick with a mildly cleaned up version of your natural shape.

Don’t Bend it like Beckam

I know when you look at a picture of someone who has stellar brows, they generally have a very appealing arch to them, and while I’m not sure when this became the desired look, I know that this was one of the causes of my too thin phase. I was trying to create an arch in my brows that just wasn’t there. Also chances are if your brows are not naturally highly arched, you’ll look a bit off with highly arched brows. Try and keep to the shape you already have. So if that’s on the straighter side – embrace it! Because I guarantee you someone out there would kill for your shaped brows.

Take a Step Back

Sometimes when you’ve spent about 30 minutes or so with your face two inches away from a 10x zoom mirror, and you’ve got a set of tweezers in your grasp, you can go a bit overboard with the shaping. I’ve definitely done this a time or two only to realize one brow is significantly thinner or shorter than the other. So while it may seem like a bit of a pain to constantly be checking your work, I try and look at myself in a normal mirror after every 3-5 plucks or so. And so far? No more wonky brows!

Not Everything Needs to be Symmetric

I think it was Michelle Phan that said your brows should be like sisters, not twins. And if she wasn’t the one who said it, its still very true! No one’s face is perfectly symmetric, one of your eyes might be lower than the other, or maybe one of your brows just naturally grows slightly higher than the other. But guess what? No one is going to be noticing those minute differences in your facial features. So don’t stress about making your brows perfectly even, because chances are they’ll look better slightly different than they would perfectly even.

What You’ll Need

Now to make all this happen you’ll need some tools, first off and probably the most obvious, is a good pair of tweezers. My absolute fave and stand-by are the Tweezerman slanted tip tweezers. They are just so sharp and precise you can get just about every itty-bitty hair. They are a bit expensive but I think they are totally worth it!

Something to fill in your brows. I prefer to work with powders because they are very natural looking, and super easy to blend. Something to keep in mind when you’re in the search of a brow product, is to stay on the ashy/cool side, unless of course you have red or auburn hair! I really love the brow powder in light brown by Maybelline, and Charcoal Brown eye shadow by MAC, both of these look really natural with my medium brown hair. I like applying both of these, and any other powders/creams with a small angled brush, I use the MAC 266.

You can of course use a variety of other kinds of products to fill in your brows, it seems like every day there is a new type of product to try. I know pencils are very popular along with pomades/creams, liquid tints, and tinted brow gels. Which brings me to the last thing I use often, a clear brow gel. Now I don’t use this everyday but if its going to be a long day, or I just want to look extra polished, I’ll use this to keep my brows in place and keep them looking defined! I actually use clear mascara by Maybelline, which is incredibly similar to a brow gel.


I hope you all enjoyed this post, I’d love to know what you guys do to groom your brows, or if you just like to keep them natural? Until nest time . . .

real veronica


2 thoughts on “Arched: My Brow Routine

  1. Great post! I love how you’re on board with natural-looking brows. I was an over-plucker in my youth, too, but now, it’s so much easier to just tweak what I’ve got and rarely bring out the ol’ tweezers. My favorite brow fixer-upper, specifically, is Make Up For Ever Aqua Brow in Ash (25) with an angled eyeliner brush. I used to use pencils and clear mascara religiously, but Aqua Brow is a quick 3-second swipe on each side in the morning, which is great for even my laziest days when I’m going out into civilization and want to feel like my face is more structured. Have you ever tried non-powder methods?


    • Thank you! And I’ve been eying that brow fell for a while now but I’ve just never felt the need for it. And yes I have in some of my more recent posts you can see I’ve recently become obsessed with the Hourglass Arch brow sculpting pencil – it’s amazing, and the benefit gimme brow gel, which is great for those lazy days!


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