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My First Youtube Video For This Blog!

Hello Lovelies,

So if you saw my last post you’ll know it was a haul (in case you didn’t see it here it is!). And while I love making posts for you guys I feel like some things are just better spoken, things like a haul! I just know I enjoy a haul so much more in a video form than a written form. So I decided to make a bit of a leap, and make my first youtube video for this blog. I’ve tried starting a youtube channel before, and I really loved it while I was active at it, but life came in the way and eventually it got shoved to the back burner. And while I don’t plan on making the switch from blogger to youtuber, I did think it was a good idea to supplement this blog with some videos every once in a while, just for fun, or for posts that I think are better spoken than read. Well I hope you all enjoy the video, any feedback would be greatly appreciated! And of course if you want to see more, please subscribe or follow!



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