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Overnight Superstars


Hello lovelies,

Todays post is all about overnight treatments, products that utilize the time when you’re sleeping to do some amazing things to your skin. I love these kinds of products because these are the products that I notice the most improvement in my skin, and not just over time, but as soon as I wake up I notice a dramatic difference in my skin, or lips.

I’ll start of with the Bite Beauty Agave Lip Mask, it’s a thick, lanolin based balm for your lips. When I first heard about this I thought it would be like a mask for your face, leave it on for 10-15 minutes and then take it off, but instead you let this sink into your lips overnight and you’re left with beautifully soft and plump lips – aka lip heaven! As someone who is on accutane, finding a good lip balm for the long stretch at night is crucial, because you need to find something that will moisturize your lips for 8+ hours, and this fits the bill to a T!

Next up is the Kiehls midnight recovery complex, a soothing facial oil/serum/elixir/magical potion that you apply to freshly washed skin at night. Now I’m not sure what exactly it is in here that makes this so amazing, but something about this oil completely transforms your skin at night, like magic. It’s like the perfect fix-all product, any skin woe you may have been worried about is gone when you wake up. Dry patches? Gone. Dullness? Skin is bright. Love it!

And lastly we have the Origins Drink Up Intensive Overnight Mask. This is an ultra rich cream-balm that acts as a barrier on the skin that slowly sinks in to reveal thoroughly moisturized skin in the morning. It works by initially moisturizing your skin with a blend of oils and continues to moisturize your skin through the night with hyaluronic acid, a compound that absorbs the moisture in the air and binds it to your skin. When used once or twice a week in replacement of your normal nighttime moisturizer you’ll have continually moisturized and smooth skin.

Well I hope you enjoyed this little post, if you have any recommendations on some other overnight wonders that you’ve tried let me know in the comments! Until next time . . .

real veronica


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