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Makeup Starter Kit – Basic


Hello lovelies,

I remember when I first started getting into makeup it seemed like there were so many options out there, with so many different types of products I wasn’t sure what exactly I needed or what would be best for me. I did have some help in the beginning but I still think that this would have been useful back then.

1. Base – this is something that I think no matter your skin tone or type you need. If you’re younger, early to late teens then I would suggest a lightweight powder. Now of course if you have drier skin or you’re a bit older then a tinted moisturizer may be a more suitable option. Either of these options will just even out the skin tone without masking your skin in the process

Powder Options:

MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural

Shiseido Perfect Smoothing powder

Maybelline Dream Wonder powder

Tinted Moisturizer Options:

Laura Mercier Tined Moisturizer (oil free or regular)

Garnier BB cream (oil control version or regular)

2. Blush – This step really livens up the skin, especially after you’ve evened out your skin tone. I personally always prefer powder formulas just because they apply and blend out so easily.

Blush options:

Any NARs blush (shocker I know)

Wet n Wild Color Icon Blush (I prefer the Mellow Wine color)

3. Tinted Lip Balm – This is a great starter lip product because it’s sheer, moisturizing and low maintenance meaning if it wears off throughout the day – which it will – it’s not going to look wonky the way a lipstick or highly pigmented stain would as they wear off. Plus you don’t need to be that careful as you apply is because it is so sheer.

Tinted Lip Balm Options:

Lip Smackers in Dr Peper

Any of the Maybelline Baby Lips

Lipstick Queen in Medieval

4. And last but not least a good mascara. You’ll probably want something that gives you both volume and length. Though something you should know before you buy mascara is do you have oily eyelids? If you have oily eyelids then you’ll want to get waterproof mascara – I made this mistake for years because I didn’t even know your lids could be oily. A way to test this is to apply your powder to your eyelids, pretty heavily, or a shimmering eye shadow not the color of your skin, and then take a close look at your lids about 8 hours later, if the shadow or power is still completely there, with no lines or gaps in the color then you have normal lids, in which case you can use just about any mascara you want. However if there are some gaps or lines then you probably have oily eyelids, in which case I would suggest you get a waterproof formula.

Mascara Options:

L’oreal Telescopic Shocking Extensions – waterproof

L’oreal Voluminous Carbon Black – waterproof

Maybelline The Falsies – waterproof


** Some Extras

These are some of the items I would really suggest getting if you can, but they certainly aren’t necessary.

5. Lip Gloss – This can really give your look more polish and make it seem more put together. I like something that’s sheer so that you can wear it over anything.

Lip Gloss Options:

Philosophy Lip glosses are awesome

MAC Lip glosses are also really good, they tend to last a long time.

6. Concealer – this is something I think you really only need if you have acne or dark circles. If you have acne then I would suggest getting a concealer from the same brand that you get your tinted moisturizer or powder from because you’re pretty much guaranteed to find something that matches you. If you have dark circles then you’re going to want something that has a peachy or salmon undertone or a regular concealer just a shade or two lighter than you skin tone.

Concealer Options:

Estee Lauder Double wear – great for acne

Any of the highlighting concealers (think Maybelline or L’oreal) – great for dark circles.

Well I hope this line up of products was useful for any of you looking to get into makeup, or if you’re looking to get some new basics for your makeup bag. Until next time . . .

real veronica


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