My MAC Lipstick Collection!


Hello Lovelies,

So Lately I’ve been seeing a lot of ‘mac collection’ type posts where you post everything that you have from one category, and then give a quick run down of each product. I think this is a great tool especially to see similar shades next to other shades. When I first thought about doing this I honestly didn’t think I had enough to constitute a whole post dedicated to just my mac lipsticks, but when I started pulling shades out of handbags and actually compiled them all together I realized just how many I had! So here they are, in an order that makes sense to me but probably won’t to the rest of you.

All shades are taken in full sunlight, on about NC25 skin, please remember that every shade will look different on different people based on skin coloring and the pigmentation of their lips, if you guys would like to see these shades on my lips, I’d be more than happy to make another post with that!

From left to right

Ravishing – A cremesheen, I would describe this as a bright peach toned orange, MAC describes it as a ‘Clean light peachy coral’.

Fanfare – A cremesheen, this is a beautiful rosey pink color, a great my lips but better kind of shade for many people. MAC describes it as a ‘Mid-tone yellow pink’.

Crème cup – A cremesheen, a light blue toned pink, my only cool pink because I discovered cool toned pinks are hard to pull off with my yellow based coloring. MAC describes this as a ‘Light blue pink’.

Shy Girl – A cremesheen, a perfect peachy nude shade, this is a great everyday lipstick that goes with just about every makeup look. MAC describes this as a ‘Creamy natural coral beige’.

Hug Me – A lustre, sheer glossy brown pink. This shade really is your lips but better just because it glides onto the lips as a sheer wash of color, a great everyday color. MAC describes this as a ‘Flesh pink’.

Syrup – A lustre, a really beautiful sheer berry pink, I especially love this in the winter as an everyday color. MAC describes this as a ‘Cloudy pink’.

Viva Glam ll – A satin, and my very fist MAC lipstick ever! It’s a soft pinky brown mauve color. MAC describes this as a ‘Muted pink-beige with shimmer’. I have no idea why they put shimmer in the description because I haven’t seen it in any swatch.

Velvet Teddy – My only matte shade, this is a darker pink brown color, whenever I wear this I think of lipstick colors from the 90’s – but in a good way! MAC describes this as a ‘Deep-tone beige’.

Cream in your coffee – A cremesheen, a beautiful reddish brown color. MAC describes this as a ‘Creamy mid-tine pink brown’.

Captive – A satin, probably my most worn lipstick in the winter months, this shade is a gorgeous deep berry color, I love this whenever I need a power color. MAC describes this as a ‘Pinkish-plum’.

Here are some swatches of the colors, in the same order they are listed above from the left to the right. Please remember that every lipstick will look slightly different on everyone and how these lipsticks are swatted are not how they look on my lips simply because of the natural pigmentation of my lips.


And these are all of the MAC lipsticks I own! Let me know if there are any shades you think I need to have because I’m always looking to grow my collection! And if you’d like to see all of my MAC eye shadows, I already did a post on them here, until next time . . .

real veronica


6 thoughts on “My MAC Lipstick Collection!

  1. Out of the ones you mentioned, I have: Ravishing, fanfare and creme cup but I think my favourite Mac lipstick is Freckletone. Its a beautiful peachy nude and its a lustre finish which is my favourite finish anyway. 🙂 xx


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