Review: IT Cosmetics Naturally Pretty Palette + Swatches!


Hello Lovelies,

A while back I saw this palette on QVC and I saw how smooth and soft the shades were on the skin, I knew I wanted to give this palette a go. So when Ulta began carrying the brand I immediately ran down to my local Ulta and swatched the crap out of this palette, and not one shade was lacking in pigmentation or texture, so back home it went with me, and now it’s showcasing itself here!


Originally I thought that I would swatch this in-store and talk myself out of buying it either because of the quality or the colors in the palette, but both aspects were so fantastic I had to have it. Every single shade in here is incredibly buttery and smooth, my friend Michelle swatched a couple of colors at my house and even she was unexpectedly impressed by the quality of these shadows. They are almost too soft and smooth, like they could be a cream – but they are a pressed powder. And every shade is very pigmented, most of them are matte, and I think this palette is marketed as an all matte palette but some of them I would consider to be a satin finish and not so much a matte finish, you’ll see this in the photos and my color descriptions:

top row

Top row from left to right:

Sheer Joy – A soft matte cream shade, perfect for highlighting the brow bone

Soft Light – A matte light grey toned brown.

Warmth – A warm matte brown

Soulful – A satin rose brown shade

Mocha – A satin olive toned brown

Violet – A rich satin purple with a hint of grey

Midnight – A dark, charcoal – navy with a matte finish

Noir – A matte black

bottom row

Bottom row from left to right:

Love – A matte pale pink

Sunrise – A matte brown orange

Sunset – A matte mauve red

All Heart – A satin slightly purple tinged medium brown

Java – A matte cool toned brown

Iconic – A matte blackened purple

Transforming Pearl – a sheer wash of shimmer

Another aspect that I really loved about this palate is that is has the three basic shades every palette should come with: a matte highlight, a matte crease shade, and a matte defining color (like a dark brown or black). I find so often that if you have these three shades it almost doesn’t matter what else is in the palette because with those three basic shades you can create just about any look. I also loved that these were not your typical neutral colors, yes there are browns and skin like shades, but there are also really wearable colors like oranges, purples and that beautiful navy. So even though this is yet another neutral palette, this one has it’s own twist that separates from the masses.


This palette has a cardboard base. The outside of the palette is a soft, slightly springy velvet type of fabric. The inside is a highly metallic gold color, with a small mirror on the lid. The lid is a magnetic closure, similar to the first Urban Decay Naked Palette.


This product is reasonably priced at $42.


I would definitely buy this palette again because it offers a wide array of shades other than the typical ‘neutral’ shades offered in similar styled palettes. And at the very least I suggest swatching this the next time you’re at your local Ulta!

DSC_1069_mini top row DSC_1079_mini bottom row DSC_1082_mini

I hope you all enjoyed this post, let me know if you’ve tried anything from this brand or if you want me to try anything from this brand to review! Until next time . . .

real veronica



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