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Battle of The Cleansing Oils!


Hello Lovelies,

With the release of the Garnier cleansing oil, I began my small love affair for cleansing oils in general. As someone who wears waterproof eyeliner and mascara exclusively and almost a full face of makeup 5+ days a week removing all my makeup effectively has been a small struggle ever since I began wearing makeup. And ever since I’ve been trying out every cleansing oil I can get my hands on. And now that I’ve tried out a couple I thought I would do a post letting you know which of these was the best and how they all performed.

And just as a bit of background on cleansing oils, in case you’ve never tried one they are oil blends that you work into dry skin, then splash your face with water. Once you do that the oil turns into almost a milk on the skin and then rinses clean, along with every trace of makeup (or at least most of it).

To test out each oil in the fairest way I could think of I layered my standard long wear products onto my hand. So the Estee Luader double wear foundation, with a powder foundation over top of that. Then to test it against some tougher makeup I did a section of waterproof eyeliner, waterproof cream eye shadow, and then a waterproof mascara all overtop of the foundation combo.

  1. DHC Deep Cleansing Oil* – $28 for 6.7 oz – This cleansing oil is an olive oil based cleanser with the thinnest texture of the three oils I tested. This made it really easy to spread and work into the skin. This also powered through waterproof mascara and eyeliner the best, with very little effort or scrubbing, which is important because usually these kind of products are worn around the delicate eye area. The scent on this is a bit strange at first because it’s very reminisient of olive oil, which makes sense because its one of the ingredients. This oil also left my skin feeling the cleanest – no residue. Ultimately this was my personal pick out of the bunch!
  2. Garnier Nourishing Cleansing Oil – $8 for 4.2 oz – This was the least expensive out of the bunch and performed very similarly to the DHC oil, it powered through the waterproof and long wear makeup with very little effort. It’s texture was a bit thicker than the DHC, but still spread easily over the skin. There was a pretty heavy scent with this oil, very perfume-y – if you’ve ever used other Garnier hair products you know the smell, and while you get used to it, it can be very irritating. The packaging on this initially was very nice but over time with use it’s begun to leak over the sides if you don’t keep it constantly upright – not travel friendly at all! Also one of the first ingredients in this is mineral oil, which I know is a sore subject for many people, so just keep that in mind when you are purchasing.
  3. Josie Maran Aragan Cleansing Oil – $32 for 6 oz – This performed the worst out of the bunch and was the most expensive. It was a much thicker oil and it was really difficult to spread over the skin. Also when you added water to turn it into a milk, if you didn’t add enough water initially it would thicken up and it was really hard to rinse off. This did absolutely nothing against waterproof makeup – I had to scrub at my hand and even then it didn’t remove everything. This had a very light citrus scent, which was really nice! However I would say only buy this if you wear light makeup and nothing you wear is budge-proof or waterproof.

So these are all of the cleansing oils I’ve tried so far, let me know if you’ve ever tried any, or if you’d like me to try out any to review! Until next time . . .
real veronica


*This product was sent to me to for free, I did not agree to review the product positively in exchange for the product/ or money. These are my honest thoughts on the product and receiving it for free does not in any way alter my opinion of the product.*


5 thoughts on “Battle of The Cleansing Oils!

  1. I totally see where youre coming from with the cleansing oils, they really are great, I used a garnier one that smells like oranges it really makes taking my make up off pleasurable 🙂 I also love Shu mera but its way expensive and my garnier one does it just as well


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