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How to Clean Your Makeup Brushes


Hello lovelies,

The other day while I was doing my makeup, I took a closer look at my brushes and realized they were in need of a serious deep cleaning. I also realized I’ve never shown you guys how I clean my brushes, and while the basic technique I use is pretty much standard to everyone else’s way of cleaning their brushes, I do have a few tips that aren’t as well known.


Products I use :
– Two glass cups
– A white washcloth
– A hand towel or tea cloth
– Dr Bronners Magic 18-in-1 rose soap
– Olive oil
– Brush guards

1. First things first I separate my brushes into brushes that I only use powder with and brushes I use creams with, I also usually like to separate my brushes by face and eye brushes, which you can see in the first photo.
2. I usually like to start out with my powder brushes just because they are easier to clean. To begin cleaning these brushes I pour a small amount of the dr Bronners soap into a cup and then I dilute it with equal parts water.
3. Then I thoroughly wet my brush making sure the that bristles are always facing down so that no water seeps into the ferrule.
4. I dip the brush into the diluted soap and then begin swirling away in the palm of my hand. For brushes I use heavily like my bronzer brush, I may have to wring it out, re-wet the brush and repeat the soap process to make sure it’s fully clean.
5. When I think the brush is thoroughly cleaned I make sure to really rinse it out, then swirl it in my hand to make sure no bubbles are forming- this would mean soap is still left in the brush. Then I wring out the brush gently trying to get most of the water out.
6. Then I wipe the brush gently on a white washcloth, the reason for it being white is that sometimes when a brush is super dirty you’ll see some color coming away on the towel which means it’s still not completely clean.
7. Now to dry it and make sure no water leaks back into the ferrule I take a hand towel or a tea cloth and roll one side up, letting the handle rests on the roll so that the brush is facing downward.

1.  DSC_1015_mini 2.DSC_1019_mini

3. DSC_1022_mini 4. DSC_1023_mini

5. DSC_1025_mini 6.DSC_1026_mini

*Usually for my natural hair brushes, then tend to splay out a little after I’ve run them across the washcloth so I like to use brush guards on them while they dry so that they keep their smooth shape.

DSC_1027_mini DSC_1029_mini

The process for my brushes I use with cream products is almost identical with one added step.
1. I wet the brush thoroughly and dip it into the diluted soap, swirling it around and working it into a lather.
2. Once it’s in a lather I dip just the tip of my brush into a cup I have filled with a little olive oil, then I swirl e new combination in my hand.
3. I wring it out like normal and will possibly have to repeat these steps for heavily used brushes like my foundation brushes.
4. To make sure no oil residue is left behind I cleanse the brush a final time just with soap which should get any leftover product or oil in the bristles.
5. I rinse it thoroughly, wring it out, wipe it on the washcloth and lay it out to dry just like my other brushes.
*because we are using the oil it’s really important that you check to make sure there is no residue.


I use the same process on my smaller eye brushes, and I use the same oil method with brushes I use for concealer or cream shadows. I hope this post was useful for you guys and let me know what cleanser you use for your brushes! Until next time . . .

real veronica



10 thoughts on “How to Clean Your Makeup Brushes

    • Oh I’m excited for you to try this out! And I actually got mine with my Birchbox points, I’m not sure where else you can get them, but if Sally’s has them online then I’m sure you could buy them in store. Thanks so much for reading!


  1. I’m thrilled that you use Dr. Bronner’s soap on your brushes! I’m a recent green, toxins-free cosmetics convert, and Dr. B has become my go-to face, body, and (now) brush soap 🙂


    • It really is a great multipurpose cleanser! I especially love the rose scent that I got! Also if you’re into more natural skin care I just did a post recently of how to make your own vitamin c toner or serum, and you only need two or three ingredient to make it, it’s now become a major staple in my skin care routine!


  2. i just got the Dr. Bronner’s soap in Rose to clean my makeup brushes! It’s nice to see how you used it to clean them because I wasn’t totally sure how to do it with this new soap.


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