July Favorites!


Hello Lovelies,

I seriously cannot believe summer is almost over screams in horror, where did the time go? I haven’t even established a proper tan yet! Anyways on a more happier note, I’m bringing you guys some of my favorites of this month, you’ll notice some repeats from last month – those are the really good ones. Here we go:

  • Estee Lauder Double Wear: This foundations has been a total life saver this summer because this foundation really holds up against the sweat and heat. Granted were I live – central California – it’s not very humid, but I know people in humid areas enjoy this foundation as well. I have this in the shade 3W1 Tawny, which is a great foundation color for me because I can wear it when I’m tanned – albeit I need more bronzer – but I can also wear it when my skin is a bit lighter in spring and fall. This is super long lasting, medium – buildable coverage foundation that stays on so incredibly well!
  • Benefte Erase Paste – this little potted concealer is one I’ve had for years, this is a mini one from one of their sets, and I love this for color correcting under my eyes because it has a very salmon/pink undertone. I never really thought I liked it, but when I began scraping the sides to get every bit of it, I realized I liked it way more than I thought! I have this in shade no 2 medium.
  • NARS Lovejoy Blush – Yet again this beautiful rosey bronze blush is in the favorites. I just love how natural and neutral this is on the skin and it gives my cheeks a nice sculpted look without any contouring – it’s just amazing, go get this please if you’re medium skin toned, you will love it!
  • L’oreal Telescopic Shocking Extensions mascara Waterproof – This is such an amazing mascara, it lengthens lashes, gives volume, holds a curl and doesn’t smudge. I was without this for a week or so and I realized just how much I love this stuff, this is almost holy grail status here. Also I only use waterproof mascara just because my eyelids are super oily and if its not waterproof there is a near 100% chance it will end up smudged under my eyes.
  • Benefit Gimmie Brow in Medium/Deep – This was a purchase spurred by my best friend Michelle, she was using it and said it was like brows for the lazy girl – instantly sold! I’m lazy, I do my brows – ipso facto – I needed this in my life. I love it on its own for those lazy days, but also on days when I use my beloved Hourglass brow pencil over the top to keep them in place a bit more.


  • Orofluido Hair Oil – Oh. My. God. This hair oil is really superb (I’m getting all fancy!) it’s very nourishing in the hair, but still manages to be lightweight and doesn’t make your hair greasy – love! But the real kicker here is the scent, it’s a beautiful rich vanilla musky scent, but not like an edible scent it’s more grownup than that.
  • DHC Mild 2 Toner* – This is the toner I use after I’ve done any kind of manual exfoliation, or intense masks, or just when my skin is a bit angry. This just calms the skin so beautifully, and gives a bit of moisture. Lovely!
  • My DIY Vitamin C Toner – I just did a post on this and how I make it, but this toner really has transformed my skin and it’s texture, I notice less clogged pores, my blackheads around my nose have become a lot smaller, and my hyperpigmentation left behind by my acne have diminished greatly!
  • Clarins Instant Eye Makeup Remover – As someone who only wears waterproof mascara I need a separate product (unless I’m using a cleansing oil) usually to remove my eye makeup effectively. This was a purchase inspired by Vivianna Does Makeup who only wear waterproof mascaras well, and she was totally right about this stuff, it removes every scrap of mascara and eyeliner with just one cotton pad!
  • Bath and Body Works Candle in Meet me in Tahiti – For a bit of randomness I’m including this candle, which is really beautiful. It’s described as: ‘ The lush fragrance of Tahitian Petals, monoi blossoms, and vanilla’ I have no idea what those first two scents are, to me this smells like a tropical morning – with a bit of light vanilla. It’s light but has a really strong throw, so it fills the room, but isn’t obnoxious or headache inducing – even to my super scent sensitive dad who usually complains about how strongly my room is fragranced.

And these are all my favorites for this month, sorry this was a bit longer than I was anticipating it to be, but what can I say, there was a lot of love this month! Let me know what one of your faves were this month! Until next time . . .

real veronica


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