Beauty Blogger of the Month Award!

Hello Lovelies,

First off I would just like RachWhat to thank so so much for nominating me for this award! Every time any one comments, or likes or shares one of my posts I always get this shot of excitement because it means that you guys are out there, actually reading and enjoying my posts – and then just to even have someone nominate you for an entire award, it’s just an absolutely amazing feeling. So thank you again I really do appreciate and love every bit of feedback you guys give me! Now onto the fun part – the questions!

  1. Where does your make up inspiration come from?

Hmm this one is a toughie just because I tend to not look for certain peoples style of how to do my makeup, but I guess one person that I’ve been inspired by recently  is Kylie Jenner – I know, I know, so is everyone else and their mother – but I’ve just been so obsessed lately with her nude/mauve/pink/brown lip combo as of late.

  1. What are 3 of your make up Holy Grail products you cannot live without?

NARS Sheer Glow for sure, it’s practically my favorite foundation ever. NARS Pro-Prime Smudge Proof Eye Base because it’s the only eye primer that doesn’t crease on me– I have very oily eyelids. And as for the last one, hmm . . . probably my L’oreal Teloscopic Shocking Extensions waterproof mascara because I’m almost positive that this is my favorite mascara of all time.

  1. What is your makeup signature look which you have on most of the time?

Very natural for sure with a defined crease, no eyeliner and a lot of highlighter across my cheek bones! Oh and plenty contour because I have almost no cheekbones to speak of.

  1. Let us know your favourite makeup brands?

Hands down NARS is my favorite, along with Kevyn Aucoin as a runner up.


  1. Your ultimate makeup pet peeve?

I think this is a general pet peeve, but it’s something I really can’t stand – an obvious foundation line. I just feel like it’s such an easy thing to fix, just taking your foundation and buffing it out around your chin and neck. I understand if your foundation doesn’t match you perfectly because skin color changes so easily, but at least don’t have that harsh line!


  1. You’ve heard about all the hype on this makeup item, bought it, tried it and don’t understand what all the fuss is about…Name that product!

Oh this one is a toughie. . .I would have to say the Josie Maran Aragan Oil, I just find that it’s not that moisturizing, I feel like it doesn’t sink into the skin and I feel like there are better multipurpose oils out there than hers. Also I think that hers is vastly overpriced because you can buy the same grade oil at Whole Foods, or other places that sell natural products for less than $15!

  1. Concealer OR foundation ONLY for the rest of your life. Choose one and tell us the reason!

This one was easy for me, Foundation all the way! Because you can build up foundation to cover problem areas, or get something like the Kevyn Aucoin Sensual Skin Enhancer which doubles as a concealer, but is technically a foundation.

I would do some nominations but I’ve been seeing this come up on almost all the blogs I follow, so I’m going to give it a little rest.



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