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Clarisonic Pedi Cheat!


Hello Lovelies,

If you pay attention to the skincare world you may have noticed that one of the most well known brands – Clarisonic – has broadened their horizons and are now including foot care in their range. They now have a Clarisonic unit for the feet and two brush/attachment heads to go along with it. One of then being the brush you see in all my photos and more of a disk type head for a deeper and more intense scrub.

Now while wandering through Ulta the other day with my best friend Michelle, we stopped and looked at the offerings of Clarisonic and I wondered why in the world they would create a whole new device just for your feet – why not just broaden the brush head range? But after taking a closer look at the pedicure heads I saw that they looked alarmingly similar to the attachments of the regular brush heads. So with a bit of giddy excitement we swapped the brush heads of the Clarisonic Plus and the Clarisonic Pedi, turned it on – lo and behold it worked!


So if you saw the new Clarisonic Pedi device and looked at it with a bit of lust, but talked yourself down from spending an extra $200 just for your feet – then your problem is solved! Because all you need to get the Clarisonic Pedi experience is to buy the heads – a much more appealing $27 each! Score!


Right now I only have the larger brush head because I wasn’t sure if I would even want to keep it and I can tell you it is definitely very nice! My feet are softer and smoother already, and I can really tell around my ankle where my skin gets especially dry. I will be sure to do a follow up post for this when I buy the other attachment head.


Let me know if you saw this device and wanted it, or if you have the whole system! Until next time . . .

real veronica


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