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5 Reasons You Should Start a Blog!

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Hello lovelies,

While chatting with some of my non-blogger friends about my blog, and how much I was loving it, they expressed some reservations about starting their own blogs. And it made me think of how many people are out there right now, hesitating to press that publish button or make that WordPress account. Now I realize for those of you who have blogs this is irrelevant but I still think this is useful! So I came up with these 5 reasons of why you should stop hesitating – and just do it.

  1. You’ll find new people all over the world who have the exact same interests as you! I don’t know about you guys, but when I’m able to guess the lipstick color my friend is wearing – not everyone is as excited as I am that I was able to do it. My makeup obsession is understood by few of my friends, but here in this lovely blogging community, the love for all things beauty is celebrated and welcomed. And whatever you niche may be – cooking, reading, hiking – you’ll find so many other people like you who love the same things as you do.
  2. It gives you an outlet to speak your mind, do something creative, or whatever it is you want to do! Lets say you want to try out blue and purple eye shadow – you can do a tutorial all about it – all without leaving your house if you’re still not comfortable going out with a bold look. And again in this lovely community, no one is going to look at you and say what in the world happened, or wowza. Having a blog gives you the freedom to do or say something you might not be as comfortable doing in your everyday life.
  3. You’ll learn so much more about your niche! When I first started this blog, I thought I knew a lot about makeup, and I still would say I know more than the average person who wears makeup, I’ve come to realize I will never know everything, the possibilities for growth are endless. And whatever your niche may be, you’ll learn so much more from reading other blogs like your own than you ever would have on your own. You’ll find new tips, tricks and techniques you would have never thought of!
  4. This will be something that is completely your own creation. Unless of course you decide to do a multi author blog with your friends. You can make it whatever you want, and you can change the layout, look or even content as you see fit. You are your own editor. There is no boss breathing down your neck with deadlines and projects, because its all up to you when you post, how often you post and what each post is about. I find this incredibly freeing because I have my own schedule that I try to stick to of Monday, Wednesday and Friday, but if I go on vacation without queued posts – its ok! If I want to post more or less – I can! And this whole thing is my own creation, and something I can be incredibly proud of!
  5. It’s just plain, good ol’ fun! There is nothing more satisfying to me when I press that publish button and I get to see people’s reactions to something I’ve spent my time and energy creating. Or when you get a new follower and you realize someone has chosen to continue to see what you create. Or as over time you bond with another bloggers and you look forward to their posts and what they have to say about your newest posts. All of it is just so much fun, I think even if it’s just my friends and family reading – I’ll still do this, forever and ever.

Well I hope this post was that last little kick you needed to create your blog, or if you’ve already been blogging maybe this will give you a reminder of why you started this whole thing. I’ll leave you with a quote that inspires me a lot these days, and I think will apply for a lot of you:

“Be bold and courageous. When you look back on your life, you’ll regret the things you didn’t do more than the ones you did.” – H. Jackson Brown Jr.

Until next time. . .

real veronica



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