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Review: DCH Deep Cleansing Oil


Hello Lovelies

If you saw my Battle of the Cleansing oil’s post then you already know my feelings for this DHC Deep Cleansing Oil*, but I thought I’d break it down – ha get it? – for you and explain a bit more of why this has become my recent top pick for removing all of my makeup.


This olive oil based cleanser is pale yellow in color and has a very thin texture. It spreads onto the skin beautifully, even over the sensitive eye area. I find this to be the best product if I don’t want to faff around with removing my makeup because it just breaks down anything you throw it’s way – and then rinses clean like you never even did anything to your skin.

And I know some of you may be saying, I have oily skin, or I have acne prone skin – I can’t use this, but I would confidently recommend this to all skin types even extremely oily and acne prone. Because this doesn’t leave your skin feeling stripped, or moisturized, it just feels like completely normal skin when you rinse everything away.

It does have a slight smell to it, similar to olive oil, but I find after a couple of uses you don’t even notice the scent anymore. And it doesn’t stick around or is over powering.


This is very simply packaged with a clear plastic bottle with a white pump, I usually find one pump is sufficient for my whole face.


This cleanser is $28 for 6.7 fl oz, which I think is actually quite reasonable when you consider that the Josie Maran oil – very popular right now – is $32 for 6 fl oz and performs worse even than the drugstore cleansing oil I found.


This is my favorite cleansing oil, and I will definitely be repurchasing this!

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13 thoughts on “Review: DCH Deep Cleansing Oil

    • I so agree! Especially if you like wearing anything waterproof on your eyes, or fuller coverage foundations – this thing just powers right through it! If you do get it let me know, because I’d love to here if you’re enjoying it!


  1. Hello! I do have a soft spot for your blog so I have nominated you for the ‘Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award’! Go over to my blog and have a look at my latest post! 🙂 ❤


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