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The Only Palette You Need!


Hello Lovelies,

A while back you may have noticed that I purchased the Lorac Pro Palette, and I’m pretty sure I’m the last eye shadow palette lover out there to get my hands on this little beaut. I know this palette has become super hyped up, especially with the release of the second version and the new mega palette they are releasing later this year – but its all for good reason!


As per usual with Lorac shadows each shade in this palette is beautifully smooth and pigmented. I do find however that with the matte shades that if you just dab your brush into the pan, bristles facing directly downward, that you can get quite a lot of kick up on the top. So instead simply lay your brush on the product. All the shades apply smoothly, except the shade champagne which was a little chunky, but once blended it was very beautiful.

The palette contains 16 shades in total, with 8 matte on the top row with 8 shimmer or satin shades on the bottom row. Here are all the shade descriptions, you’ll see that most of them are quite self explanatory:

Top Row:

White – pure white

Cream – light beige cream

Taupe – warm medium brown

Lt. Pink – light pink

Mauve – mauve

Sable – darker warm brown

Espresso – dark cool brown

Black – black

Bottom Row:

Nude – light pink shimmer

Champagne – light nude shimmer with some glitter

Gold – golden shimmer

Lt. Bronze – light bronze with shimmer

Pewter – shimmering brown taupe

Garnet – shimmering cranberry red

Deep Purple – deep purple with shimmer

Slate – shimmering dark grey


This palette is housed very simply in a matte black cardboard case, the top closes with a magnetic closure and there is a small mirror in the lid.


I think this palette is quite reasonably priced at $42 for 8.8 g of product. For comparisons sake the Urban Decay palettes all hold 15.6g, the IT Cosmetics Naturally Pretty palette holds 11.2 g. So while this palette hold less than these other palettes, the Lorac has all the basic shades every palette should have (a matte highlight, crease color and black), which cannot be said of the other palettes I listed.


I think if you don’t have eyeshadow to speak of, or you’re just getting into makeup and you want to have a palette that you can experiment with but all have really great basics, then this would be the palette I would recommend over all the other neutral palettes out there (even over the UD Naked palettes!)

Now for some pictures!

DSC_1064_mini top row lorac pro DSC_1069_mini bottom row lorac pro DSC_1075_mini

Let me know if you guys have tried out this palette, I’d love to know your thoughts on it! Until next time . . .

real veronica


11 thoughts on “The Only Palette You Need!

  1. Love this post! I’ve been debating on the longest time whether to get the 1st or 2nd one, but your post just just sold me on it!!! =) ♡


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