PanOxyl Overview!

DSC_1351_mini Hello Lovelies, If you’ve been a reader for a while then you know that I was on Accutane for a while, and that before I did that I had pretty bad acne. Thankfully now I pretty much don’t get any, except for the occasional clogged pore. Even so, it will take some time for me to stop thinking of my skin as ‘acne prone’, so I still like to keep some acne products on hand for anything that might come up. And my favorite brand for dealing with acne that I might get is the PanOxyl range – a drugstore brand that has the integrity and standards of prescription products. Their line isn’t full of marketing gimmicks to get you to buy their products, it’s just simple products, that do exactly what they say they will – help clear your acne, and keep it away. And something else that really set this brand aside from the rest is that all the products use Benzoyl Peroxide, which I’ve found over the years is far more effective at banishing acne than salicylic acid is. 4% Creamy Wash This is their lowest dosage of their face and body washes, which I think is ideal for those of you who are trying to prevent acne from coming up. And as for the ‘creamy’ in the name type are not lying, the wash is a white cream, and once you add water it turns into almost a milk that is very soothing on the skin. It has no scent that I can smell and doesn’t leave the skin tight after I wash – which if you use acne products, you know that’s rare. 10% Acne Wash This is their highest doasage and maximum strength wash. This has a similary creamy lather that the 4% has, but it it’s not nearly as moisturizing, and when I rinsed my face after washing I did notice a bit of tightness through my face, and I felt like I needed to moisturize directly afterward. But I did notice the next day that my skin was smoother and any little clogged pores I had were smoothed over. Advanced Acne Spot Treatment This spot treatment is both gentle and effective, it only has 3% benzoyl peroxide, which I thought was a bit odd, but when I applied it over blemish I knew why, it was meant to be a bit more gentle. It never over dried my skin, or made me peel, but it still managed to get rid of a small pimple I had. Overall I really enjoy this line of acne products, and I will continue to use them whenever my skin is misbehaving. I think if you have severe acne then the 10% formula is the best option for you, but if you have mild acne or you’re trying to prevent acne from forming then I think the 4% formula would be best suited for you, and if you’re lucky and you only get the occasional spot, then I suggest the spot treatment! ***PanOxyl was kind enough to send me these products to try out, I was not paid in any way for this review, and I only agreed to mention these products if I loved them and would use them myself. These are my honest opinions. What do you guys use to combat your acne? Until next time . . . real veronica


5 thoughts on “PanOxyl Overview!

  1. Great review! I only get an occasional spot myself but it can usually be zapped with a gel that contains salicylic acid luckily. 🙂 xoxo


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