An Ode to Pumpkins: The Orange Edit


Hello Lovlies,

In honor of this lovely fall season and all the warm tones that come out, I decided to round up some of my favorite orange products. And here they are!

MAC Casual Lip and Cheek Color in Out For Fun: This cream blush is surprising both comfortable on the lips and cheeks, on the lips, this vibrant color looks best either worn at full color as a statement, or sheered out as a touch of color. The same goes for the cheeks – though I never wear it as a statement on the cheeks.

Kevyn Acuoin Lip Gloss in Datura: This gloss is actually quite sheer on the lips, but that’s is part of what makes it so lovely, it has some sparse orange glitters that add dimension to a nude lip.

MAC Lipstick in Shy Girl: I wasn’t sure if this one should make the cut, but I consider it an orange in a way, it’s very much a nude –orange, very wearable especially if you’re afraid of color.

L’oreal Infallable Shadow in Cherie Merie: This is a very recent purchase, and I haven’t been able to wear it that much, but I love it both as a lid color and as a transitional crease color for a darker look

MAC Lipstick in Ravishing: This color and me go way back, I remember getting this when Blair Fowler got this in a MAC haul – oh the memories! Anyways I love this as a color or orange lip when I’m wearing warmer tones on the rest of my face. The only thing is most of the time I think my teeth are too yellow to wear this, even though they are really white.

NARS Single Shadow in California: I love this shadow, not only for the name but also because of the color, it’s a very unique coppery-rusty-orange shade that I always utilize this time of the year.

real veronica


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